Chiba New Town Railway 9200 series

The Chiba New Town Railway 9200 series (千葉ニュータウン鉄道9200形) is a commuter electric multiple unit (EMU) train type owned by the third-sector railway company Chiba New Town Railway and operated by the Hokuso Railway on the Hokuso Line in Japan since 1 March 2013.[1]

Chiba New Town Railway 9200 series
Set 9201 in service in April 2013
ManufacturerNippon Sharyo
Built atToyokawa
ReplacedChiba New Town Railway 9000 series
Entered service1 March 2013
Number built8 vehicles (1 set)
Number in service8 vehicles (1 set)
Formation8 cars per trainset
Fleet numbers9201
Operator(s)Hokuso Railway
Line(s) servedHokuso Line, Keisei Main Line, Toei Asakusa Line, Keikyu Main Line
Car body constructionStainless steel
Car length18,000 mm (59 ft 1 in)
Width2,845 mm (9 ft 4.0 in)
Doors3 pairs per side
Maximum speed120 km/h (75 mph)
Acceleration3.5 km/h/s
Deceleration4.0 km/h/s (service), 4.5 km/h/s (emergency)
Electric system(s)1,500 V DC
Current collection methodOverhead catenary
BogiesFS-564 (motored), FS-064 (trailer)
Safety system(s)C-ATS
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)


The design is based on the Keisei 3050 series, and is similar to the Hokuso 7500 series and Shin-Keisei N800 series trains also based on the same design.[2]


The eight-car set is formed as shown below, with six motored (M) cars and two trailer (T) cars.[1]

Designation M2c M1 T M2 M1' T M1 M2c
Numbering 9201-1 9201-2 9201-3 9201-4 9201-5 9201-6 9201-7 9201-8
Weight (t) 33.0 33.0 27.0 30.0 32.0 27.0 33.0 33.0
122/43 133/52 133/52 133/52 133/52 133/52 133/52 122/43

The "M1" cars each have two PT7131-B single-arm pantographs, and the "M" car has one.[1]


The interior design is virtually identical to the Hokuso 7500 series, with passenger accommodation consisting of longitudinal bench seating throughout, although whereas the Hokuso 7500 series has three LED scrolling passenger information display units per car, the 9200 series has six 15-inch LCD screens per car, like the Keisei 3050 series, located above each doorway.[1]


The first set, 9201, was delivered to the Hokuso Line depot at Inba from the Nippon Sharyo factory in Toyokawa, Aichi in February 2013.[3] It entered revenue service from 1 March 2013.[4]


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