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Changi Airport MRT Station

Changi Airport MRT Station (CG2) is the underground Mass Rapid Transit terminal station on the East West Line's Changi Airport Branch Line in Changi, Singapore. The station is located within Singapore Changi Airport, hence its name.

MRT Singapore Destination 3.png
Changi Airport
சாங்கி விமானநிலையம்
Changi Airport
Rapid transit
Changi Airport station platform level.
Location 70 Airport Boulevard
Singapore 819661
Coordinates 1°21′26.54″N 103°59′19.81″E / 1.3573722°N 103.9888361°E / 1.3573722; 103.9888361
Operated by SMRT Trains (SMRT Corporation)
Platforms Island
Tracks 2
Connections Bus, Taxi
Structure type Underground
Platform levels 3 (excluding street level)
Parking Yes (Changi Airport)
Bicycle facilities Yes (Changi Airport)
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code  CG2 
Opened 27 February 2002
Electrified Yes
Preceding station   Mass Rapid Transit   Following station
towards Tanah Merah
East West Line
Changi Airport Branch Line
Linkway between Changi Airport Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 above the station's platform level.
Changi Airport MRT station, featuring flight information box in addition to train route information.
Changi Airport is one of the few stations where faregates are on the same level as the platforms.

The station was opened on 25 February 2002, while the ceremony held on 27 February 2002 by the then Minister for Transport, Mr Yeo Cheow Tong as one of the terminal Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations for the East West Line's Changi Airport Branch Line, and located in between Singapore Changi Airport's Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The section of underground track between this station and Expo station is the longest underground track between any two MRT stations in Singapore.



Changi Airport had been operating since its opening in 1981 with no rail link and with full reliance on taxi and bus connections, proven effective given the short 20 kilometre distance to the city via the East Coast Parkway and their relative affordability. Public buses also provide cheap express trips to the city, and link commuters to the MRT network at Bedok, Tampines and Pasir Ris. There was thus no pressing need to build the rail line despite regional competition, and was only given the green light when the Singapore Expo was built along the line and helping to add potential traffic.

The earlier plans had long been made for a new line branching off from the existing East West Line at Tanah Merah, with some conceptual plans showing a tentative route alignment up to the airport along Airport Boulevard, continuing beyond the airport to Changi Point, before turning southwest back towards the city along the east coast of the island. When the extension to the airport was finally announced, however, the route alignment showed a deviation from previous plans.

The final plan involved building only the first two stations, namely Expo, an elevated station directly adjacent to the Singapore Expo, and the Changi Airport station, an underground station built between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The alignment of the station at the airport has been switched perpendicularly to an east–west direction, such that the station leads to two of the terminals directly from either end of the station. And finally when the Singapore Expo opened in 1999, the Somapah MRT station was renamed to Expo.

Since the station's opening, passenger traffic has been moderate, as most bus routes were maintained and continue to be a popular means of cheap, direct transport for local airport/airline employees, as well as travellers not living along the East West Line. Route 34, as a peak-hour bus service was withdrawn on September 2002, together with the shortening of route 506 to Bedok (to replace the slot that is used for route 34). Route 989 was merged with 185 and cut short to Lorong 1 Geylang. A new bus service, 34 from Punggol to Changi Airport took over the slot in Changi Airport Bus Terminal to enhance connectivity along Tampines East, Tampines new town, IKEA Tampines and Punggol areas. Many air travellers also prefer to continue taking taxis or private transport as all the MRT services does not have luggage racks. Peak hours in Changi Airport Line are defined according to the flight schedules. Thus primary users of the station are usually confined to airport/airline employees, leisure visitors, well-wishers, and budget air travellers, in particular backpackers. This station receives a huge load of traffic during weekends due to the transfer point for commuters from Expo to the bus terminal.

The Tanah Merah-Expo route was initially operated as a shuttle service; through services from Boon Lay commenced after the opening of this station. However, due to low ridership, the route reverted to being operated as a shuttle service from 22 July 2003.

The initial numbering of the station was EW29, but was changed on 20 June 2003 to CG2. The original code is now used for the Joo Koon station.

Proposal of line extensionEdit

Plans were announced for a fifth terminal at the airport in the mid-2010s. Accordingly, the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) might be extended from its current terminus at Sungei Bedok MRT Station to serve this new terminal, in addition to becoming an interchange with this station, in the future.

Station layoutEdit

L2 Departure Hall Exits to Terminal 2 and 3, Skytrain to Terminal 1
L1 Arrival Hall Exits to Terminal 2 and 3
M Linkbridge Changi Airport Bus Terminal, Link bridge between Terminals 2 and 3, Exit to Terminal 3
Faregates, Ticketing Machines, Station Control, Transitlink Counter
Platform A East West Line towards  EW4   CG  Tanah Merah via  CG1  DT35  Expo
Transfer at Tanah Merah for:
East West Line   towards  EW1  Pasir Ris via  EW4   CG  Tanah Merah
East West Line   towards  EW33  Tuas Link via  EW4   CG  Tanah Merah
Island platform, doors will open on the left/right
Platform B East West Line towards  EW4   CG  Tanah Merah via  CG1  DT35  Expo
Transfer at Tanah Merah for:
East West Line   towards  EW1  Pasir Ris via  EW4   CG  Tanah Merah
East West Line   towards  EW33  Tuas Link via  EW4   CG  Tanah Merah

Transport connectionsEdit


Destination First Train Last Train
Mon – Sat Sunday &
Public Holiday
East West Line
to EW4 Tanah Merah 5.31am 5.59am
to EW1 Pasir Ris 12.06am
to EW33 Tuas Link 11.18pm


  • This is one of the four MRT stations that have fare gates on the same level as the platform. The three other MRT stations which have this feature are Expo (lift concourse), Bishan (Exit E at south-bound train platform), and Stevens (both platforms on the Downtown Line).
  • The station is the easternmost station on the MRT network and has the widest platforms in any underground MRT station in Singapore of which it is 26.5 meters wide. It is rated 10 out of 15 most beautiful subway stops in the world in 2011.[1]
  • This station has a list of every hotel in Singapore as well as the closest MRT station to these places. This is because Changi Airport MRT Station staff often receive queries on hotel locations.[2]


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