Central Theater Command

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Central Theater Command is one of the five military regions of People's Liberation Army of China,[1] and was founded on February 1, 2016.[2] Its predecessor was the Beijing Military Region.[citation needed]

Central Theater Command
Map of Central Theatre of PLA.svg
Central Theater Command
Simplified Chinese中部战区
Traditional Chinese中部戰區

Its jurisdiction includes Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan and Hubei.[3] Its commander is Gen. Yi Xiaoguang and its political commissar is Gen. Yin Fanglong.[4][2]

The International Institute for Strategic Studies attributes to the command of 300,000 personnel, consisting of three group armies (the 27th Army, 38th Army, and the 65th Army), two armoured divisions, one mechanised infantry division, five motorised divisions, one artillery division, three armoured, seven motorised infantry, four artillery, a total of five various anti-aircraft brigades, and one anti-tank regiment.[5] The command is also augmented by the Beijing Capital Garrison, which consists of the 1st Guards and the 3rd Guards Divisions, and the Beijing Garrison Honor Guard Battalion and Color Guard Company, both of them are charged with public duties, and is also home to the PLA Navy (PLAN) North Sea Fleet and the PLA Air Force (PLAAF) 10th Air Force Corps.[citation needed]

In addition to guarding the capital, the CTC is also in charge of training key personnel for leadership positions through the numerous military academies in the region.[citation needed]



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