Central Military Region (Egypt)

The Central Military Region is one of the five military regions of the Egyptian Armed Forces and is headquartered in Cairo.


The current structure of the Central Military Region:

HQ, Central Military Region: Heliopolis, Greater Cairo

It contains the following units:[1]

  • 2nd Mechanised Division (Highkestep, Cairo)
    • 120th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
    • 4th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
    • 56th Armored Brigade
    • 51st Med. Range Artillery Brigade
  • 9th Armoured Division (Dahshur, southwest of Giza)
    • 71st Armored Brigade
    • 72nd Armored Brigade
    • 90th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
    • 44th Med. Range Artillery Brigade
  • 23rd Independent Armored Brigade[citation needed]
  • Two Engineer Brigades
  • Two Long Range Artillery Brigades
  • 9th Reconnaissance Battalion
  • 10th Drone Reconnaissance Battalion


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