Catherine of Pomerania, Countess Palatine of Neumarkt

Catherine of Pomerania (German: Katharina von Pommern; c. 1390 - 4 March 1426), was a Pomeranian princess and Countess Palatine of Neumarkt. She was the wife of John, Count Palatine of Neumarkt, and the mother of Christopher of Bavaria, who would rule over Denmark, Sweden, and Norway as king of the Kalmar Union.

Catherine's remains were buried at Gnadenberg.


Catherine was the daughter of Wartislaw VII, Duke of Pomerania in Pomerania-Stolp and Maria of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Maria was the daughter of Henry III, Duke of Mecklenburg and Ingeborg of Denmark, eldest daughter of sonless King Valdemar IV of Denmark and older sister of Margaret I of Denmark. Henry III's mother was Euphemia of Sweden, the daughter of Erik Magnusson and the sister of Magnus Eriksson. Catherine's brother was Eric of Pomerania, future king of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

The two siblings were adopted by their grandaunt Queen Margaret I of Denmark in 1388 and likely brought to Margaret at the same occasion. Initially, Margaret's plan was for Catherine to enter the Vadstena Abbey[1] Catherine was a candidate for a time for marriage to Prince Henry of Wales.[2] This marriage was suggested in 1400-1401, and it was the idea that a double wedding was to be arranged between Catherine and Henry in parallel to the wedding between her brother Eric and Henry's sister Philippa.[3] The marriage between Catherine and Henry never occurred, but in 1406, another indirect link to the English royal house was created when the brother-in-law of Philippa suggested a marriage with John, Count Palatine of Neumarkt.[4] John was the son of Rupert, King of Germany. The negotiations were completed in one year, and Margaret gave Catherine a dowry of 4000 gulden, much less than was expected by her future father-in-law.

On 15 August 1407, Catherine married John in Ribe, Denmark. They would have seven children, but only their youngest, Christopher, would live past infancy. Christopher would succeed his uncle Eric as king of the three Scandinavian kingdoms.

Catharine died on 4 March 1426.


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