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US plane had been hit over the Baltic Sea in 1952Edit

In a film directed by Johan Candert, © Deep Sea Productions 2011, about the Swedish DC-3 shot down by the Soviets and subsequently lost and then found in 2003.

According to this film, in 1950 a US spy plane had been shot down in the southern parts of the Baltic Sea, and in January 1952 another US plane had been hit. After this the Americans stopped their flights in the Baltic.

These incidents involving US planes are not covered by Wikipedia. If someone knows something about them, I would encourage them to write about them.

The film was shown by YLE on May 15, 2013, but unfortunately they did not provide the original title of the film (the Finnish title was “Kadonnut vakoilukone” — ‘the lost spy plane’), and I’m not able to find anything about this film in the internet. And YLE’s internet service says the film can only be viewed in Finland, until June 15. Apanuggpak (talk) 23:30, 21 May 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]