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Welcome to the Aviation accident task force, a joint project of WikiProject Aviation and WikiProject Disaster management.


Articles dealing with any of the following topics:

  • Individual incident/accident articles
  • Lists of aviation incidents and accidents
  • Articles dealing with advances in aviation safety rules and technology

Notability guidelines Edit

Proposed notability guidelines are available for comment at WP:Aircrash. To help develop this, a record of accident/incident AfDs has been built.

Accident article naming conventions Edit

(Refer also Wikipedia:WikiProject Aviation/Style guide/Naming)

  • For commercial aircraft with a known flight number, the standard article name structure is:
<airline> Flight <flight number>
For example: Korean Air Lines Flight 007, American Airlines Flight 77
  • However, if the airline had two same flight numbers for different years, mention the year in '()' such as:
<airline> Flight <flight number> <year>
For example: Aeroflot Flight 3739 (1976), Aeroflot Flight 3739 (1988)
  • If the accident was in the same year with the same flight number, then mention the month, along with the year:
<airline> Flight <flight number> <month + year>
For example: Linea Aeropostal Venezolana Flight 253 (June 1956), Linea Aeropostal Venezolana Flight 253 (November 1956)
  • For articles on air accidents without a flight number, the title should be in the format:
<year> <airline> <aircraft> <event>
or, if this is not possible,
<year> <place> <event>
unless the accident is notable for the involvement of a particular group, in which case the format should be:
<group> <event>
College sports teams should include the full school name rather than the mascot (for example, Wichita State University football team plane crash). If the incident has a flight number, this format should be used as a redirect.

Tagging and assessment Edit

Aviation accident task force assessment statistics


Any article related to this task force should be marked by adding Accident-task-force=yes to the {{WPAVIATION}} project banner at the top of its talk page. This will automatically place it into Category:Aviation accident task force articles. You can also add this to the talk page of images, categories, and templates. Cut and paste this code: {{WikiProject Aviation|Accident-task-force=yes}}

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