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This page categorizes pages using importance through built-in transclusion from {{WikiProject Psychology}}. Importance is judged only in terms of topics within Category:Psychology. For more information about this process, see Wikipedia talk:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Work via Wikiprojects. Summaries are at Wikipedia:WikiProject Psychology/Assessment and Index · Statistics · Log.

"DRAFT" WikiProject Psychology importance scale: The article's importance, regardless of its quality, particularly in terms of psychology's history, principles, scope, and methods.

Rate articles on overall importance. Use the basic descriptions, guided by the general examples when available. Always give the highest rating suggested by general examples at different levels.

Top Subject is a must-have for Category:Psychology and is considered a core topic. The article is a likely target for encyclopedic research. Psychologists and other experts in psychology will generally be well-versed on the topic, and many non-psychologists will likely have some familiarity with it. Example: Intelligence
High Subject contributes a depth of knowledge to the field of psychology. Most experts in psychology will be familiar with the topic. The subject can be found in most academic studies of psychology, and a significant amount of published research exists for it. Example: Schizophrenia
Mid Subject fills in more minor details but is still important to the field of psychology. Many psychologists are knowledgeable of the topic. Published research from a variety of sources exists for the subject. Example: Big Five personality traits
Low Subject is peripheral knowledge to the field of psychology and possibly trivial but still notable. There may be limited research on the topic, or most professionals in psychology have not yet taken note of it. Example: Liberation psychology

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