Case Closed (season 2)

The Viridian edition of the second season DVD boxset of the series Case Closed released by Funimation Entertainment

The second season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Kenji Kodama and produced by TMS Entertainment and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.[1] The series is based on Gosho Aoyama's Case Closed manga series. In Japan, the series is titled Detective Conan (名探偵コナン, Meitantei Conan) but was changed due to legal issues with the title Detective Conan.[2] The episodes' plot continues Jimmy Kudo's life as a young child named Conan Edogawa. The episodes features a temporary return of Jimmy Kudo.

The season initially ran from August 19, 1996 through April 14, 1997 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan.[3][4] Episodes twenty-nine to fifty-four were later collected into seven DVD compilations by Shogakukan and were released on February 24, 2006.[5][6] The season licensed and dubbed by Funimation Entertainment.[7] Case Closed was aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block and on Canada's YTV station.[8][9] Case Closed aired until August 16, 2004, where it was dropped by Adult Swim due to low ratings.[10] The English adaption was later collected and released on four DVD compilations.[11][12][13][14] The English adaption of season two was later released in a DVD boxset by Funimation on September 30, 2008 containing episodes twenty-seven to fifty-two, twenty-six to fifty-one in the Japanese numbering.[15] The season two DVD boxset Viridian edition is slated for release on September 15, 2009.[16]

The episodes use nine pieces of theme music: three opening themes and two closing themes in the Japanese episodes and one opening theme and ending theme in the English ones. The first Japanese opening theme is "Mune ga Doki Doki" (胸がドキドキ, lit. "My Heart Pounds") by The High-Lows to episode thirty.[3] The second opening theme is "Feel Your Heart" by Velvet Garden until episode fifty-two.[3] It is followed by "Nazo" (, lit. "Mystery") by Miho Komatsu.[4] The first ending theme is "Meikyū no Lovers" (迷宮のラヴァーズ, lit. "Lovers of the Labyrinth") by Heath until episode fifty-one.[3] The remaining episodes use the ending theme "Hikari to Kage no Roman" (光と影のロマン, lit. "Romance of Light and Shadow") by Keiko Utoko.[4] The English opening theme is "Mune ga Doki Doki" with English lyrics and renamed "First New Century" by Carl Finch until episode fifty-four.[17] It is followed by "Nazo" with English lyrics by Stephanie Nadolny for the rest of the episodes.[18] The English ending theme is "Step by Step" with English lyrics by Carl Finch to episode fifty-two.[17] It is later followed by "Hikari to Kage no Roman" with English lyrics also by Stephanie Nadolny.[19]

Episode listingEdit

Ep no. Funimation Entertainment title/Original translated title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate English airdate
Orig.Jp. Funi.Eng.
2930"Computer Murder Case" / "The Computer Murder Case"
Transcription: "Konpyūtā Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: コンピューター殺人事件)
August 19, 1996 (1996-08-19)July 13, 2004[20]
Claude Osgood, CEO of a computer software company, is found dead from a heart attack. It strange that Osgood was sweating a lot in his death, and that flowers delivered the day before have also died. Conan notices that Ken Thomason, Osgood's driver, is the only one with a motive; Ken once owned a company program himself but signed everything over to Osgood, who berates and humiliates Ken whenever an opportunity presents itself. Conan realizes that the heart attack was caused by thermal shock in a short period of time noting the dead flowers and solidified chocolates. Using the bowtie, he uses Richard and Inspector Joseph Meguire‘s voices and have them meet at Ken's house where Conan drops subtle hints to reveal Ken as the murderer. Using the evidence that Ken took Osgood's cat home with him that day, Ken confesses to murdering Osgood by hacking the computer that regulates the houses temperature and turns himself in.
3031"Alibi Testimony Murder Case" / "The Missing Melody"
Transcription: "Aribai Shōgen Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: アリバイ証言殺人事件)
August 26, 1996 (1996-08-26)July 14, 2004[20]
Richard, Rachel, and Conan are meeting with lawyer Samuel Taylor at his office inside a hotel. Samuel receives a call from his wife, Katherine, and a musical melody is heard from her end. After the meeting, Richard explains to Conan that he was hired to tail his cheating wife, Katherine. They walk home and pass by Samuel’s manor, surrounded by police investigating the murder of Katherine Taylor who was found bound, gagged, strangled to death, and stuffed into a bathtub. Conan finds a staple by the body and suspects Samuel to be the murderer, but Richard confirms his alibi, prompting Conan to head back to the hotel. He learns the hotel room beside Samuel's is reserved for guests and also learns the melody from a music box alarm clock is custom made for that hotel. At Katherine’s funeral, a man named Steve Jacobus reveals he was her lover. The officers plan to arrest him until Conan tranquilizes Richard, revealing Samuel Taylor to be the killer; after Samuel was done with Richard, he murdered his wife who was in the guest room beside him, then placed his wife in a bag and put her down a laundry chute to the bottom floor. He retrieved Katherine’s corpse, put it in the trunk, and drove it home where he then placed her body in the bathtub. As evidence, Conan gives Meguire a tape of the alarm clock in Samuel's guest room to compare with the recorded phone call; it is revealed to have a missing note and matches with the musical melody in the phone call. Samuel confesses to the murder and reveals Katherine was blackmailing him for money in order to keep his corrupt deeds as a lawyer hidden.
3132"TV Station Murder Case" / "Murder at the Television Studio"
Transcription: "Terebi-kyoku Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: テレビ局殺人事件)
September 2, 1996 (1996-09-02)July 15, 2004[20]
Tate Evans, the host of Primetime Mystery hour, disturbingly shoots a picture with him and co-host Miguel Santos. Later, Richard is invited to appear on the aforementioned show at the studio as special guest. During a 4 minute break, Miguel Santos receives a call from Tate, who brutally murders him with a shot between his eyes. Miguel’s corpse is discovered and Conan immediately suspects Tate due to the smirk on his face, however, Tate and Miguel were on different floors of the building, making it impossible. Conan investigates and finds missing blood splatter on the window and a bullet hole outside and notices the storage room is two floors up from where Miguel was killed. Conan realizes how the murder was done, and lures Richard to the room and puts him to sleep. Thorough Richard, Conan reveals that Tate called Miguel announcing suicidal intentions. In doing so, Miguel was coaxed into looking outside his window and was murdered; Tate dropped the gun into the open window which is how the gun was found in the room with him, and then returned to the ninth floor with time to spare. As evidence, the redial button remains active, and pressing it will call Miguel’s phone as opposed to Tate claiming he didn’t know his number. Tate confesses and reveals that it had to be done in order to save the show from being canceled. Afterwards, Richard wakes up and suspects Conan is the cause of his sudden drowsiness during a case. Before he could pursue that idea any further, the appearance of Yoko Okino distracts him, leaving Richard hopeless.
3233"Coffee Shop Murder Case" / "Murder at the Local Diner"
Transcription: "Kōhī Shoppu Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: コーヒーショップ殺人事件)
September 9, 1996 (1996-09-09)July 19, 2004[20]
Conan catches Rachel leaving to go on a date, supposedly with Jimmy Kudo. Conan, knowing it's a lie, follows her to a coffee shop where she admits to be waiting for someone else important. Rachel leaves to buy some cake for Conan who stays at the coffee shop. A woman named Yvette Marks is found murdered in a bathroom stall; the four people who came in around the time Yvette did, Steve Wilson, Keith Davidowich, and James Tongan, and Eva Kaden are suspects to the crime. The police arrive and assume the criminal crawled above the bathroom stall to leave the scene, cutting down the suspects to two people. Conan notices that there's blood on top of the stall. He realizes how the murder occurred and drops subtle hints. Suspect Eva Kaden (who Conan thinks is vaguely familiar) picks up on the hints naming James Tongan the murderer. She reveals that James strangled Yvette, threw her over the stall, tied a rope to a knife and stabbed her, and pulled his knife back after he threw her over the stall. As evidence, Conan notices the bandages around James’s fingers have switched fingers, showing the bandages were used to strangle Yvette and were tied to the knife to throw it over. James killed Yvette in order to keep his affair with her a secret from his wife. Eva is revealed to be Richard’s ex-wife and Rachel's mother; Conan then remembers how she used to scold him and Rachel.
3334"Detective Boys Survival Case" / "A Hunting We Will Go"
Transcription: "Tantei-dan Sabaibaru Jiken" (Japanese: 探偵団サバイバル事件)
October 14, 1996 (1996-10-14)July 20, 2004[20]
Professor Agasa takes the Junior Detective League to a field and give them a treasure map. While following the treasure map, they are pursued by two men. The puzzles lead them to a cave where they find a bag containing jewelry recently stolen from a store. They are then confronted by the two men, who are really jewel thieves. Conan disarms the men by kicking the bags containing their stolen jewelry at them. They continue further into the cave and find the treasure the map was referring to. Inside is a letter telling them their adventure was the treasure and will become a priceless memory in the future. Conan finds his father's signature on the letter and realizes his father, Yusaku Kudo, created the treasure hunt many years ago. Old saying: It's not so much the destination, but the journey to it.
3435"Mountain Villa Bandaged Man Murder Case (Part 1)" / "Mountain Villa Murder (Part 1)"
Transcription: "Sansō Hōtai Otoko Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (Japanese: 山荘包帯男殺人事件(前編))
October 21, 1996 (1996-10-21)July 21, 2004[20]
Serena invites Rachel, who brings along Conan, to her sister Angie’s film club reunion (consisting of Randell, Felix, award-winning writer Jessica Star, and Mitchell) at her villa in the mountains. When they arrive, they see a mysterious man wrapped in bandages on the bridge who flees once he is noticed. Rachel searches for her room but barges in on the others while they change clothes. During small chat, Emily, the sixth member of the group, is mentioned, enraging Jessica who then walks through the woods. Later, the bandaged man attempts to murder Rachel with an axe but fails when Conan intervenes. Suddenly, Jessica is kidnapped, gruesomely murdered, decapitated, and her body dismembered; her remains are found throughout the woods. Their means of escape have been destroyed and Conan later finds out that Jessica had been lured outside with a note, believing the killer to be someone associated with her. Rachel is attacked again in her sleep by the killer but is saved by Conan, who is injured in the attack and is left wondering why the killer is targetting her in the first place.
3536"Mountain Villa Bandaged Man Murder Case (Part 2)" / "Mountain Villa Murder (Part 2)"
Transcription: "Sansō Hōtai Otoko Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (Japanese: 山荘包帯男殺人事件(後編))
October 28, 1996 (1996-10-28)July 22, 2004[20]
The bandaged killer tries at Rachel’s life again but she breaks the killer’s axe with a karate kick. When Conan figures out the case, he attempts traquilizing Rachel but knocks out Serena instead and reveals that Felix, the set designer, killed Jessica. Conan elaborates how Felix had already murdered Jessica, then faked her kidnapping with her decapitated head and a dummy that he made rush past the window to create the illusion that she was taken against her will. Felix is also revealed to have faked obesity; he stuffed his shirt with the axe murderer's costume and at one point, Jessica's head, making him appear heavier than he actually is. Rachel had seen a much-thinner Felix momentarily when she accidentally barged into his room, therefore becoming a target before even realizing what she saw. Felix confesses and explains that Emily, the sixth member of the club, wrote Blue Kingdom, an award-winning script that Jessica stole, took credit for, and won an award and a day later, Emily committed suicide, enraging Felix. He attempts suicide but is stopped when Conan, through Serena, scolds him for trying to murder Rachel and killing Jessica, stating his actions have dishonored Emily's memory. Felix brokenheartedly surrenders to the club.
3637"Monday Night 7:30 P.M. Murder Case" / "Wrong Place at the Wrong Time"
Transcription: "Getsuyō Yoru Shichiji Sanjūpun Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: 月曜夜7時30分殺人事件)
November 4, 1996 (1996-11-04)July 26, 2004[20]
Amy is going to Karen Keeler’s dentistry office to get rid of a baby tooth and for good luck, she keeps a Masked Yaiba card with her. Meanwhile, Burt Barnes, a real estate manager and Karen’s neighbor, is viciously murdered when he is stabbed in the heart with a syringe by someone knocking at his door. Karen discovers Burt’s corpse near her apartment in his condominium and his time of death is exactly 7:30PM. The police suspect Karen because she has a motive, but also an alibi. She was with Amy at her office watching the TV show Masked Yaiba at that time. While visiting her apartment, Conan realizes the illusion used and accuses Karen as the murderer. She decorated her apartment to look exactly like her waiting room and, using two sedatives and her car, convinced Amy she was at the office the entire time when at one point they were in her condo, at exactly 7:30PM when the crime took place. To incriminate Karen, Amy placed the Masked Yaiba card from the office deck into the condo deck. Karen confesses and states revenge as her motive, Burt kidnapped then murdered her brother with her as a witness but due to her being young, the case was dropped. Karen turns herself in without resistance.
3738"Cactus's Flower Murder Case" / "Prickly Past"
Transcription: "Saboten no Hana Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: サボテンの花殺人事件)
November 11, 1996 (1996-11-11)July 27, 2004[20]
Nora Odell comes to Richard’s office asking for help looking for a man, Trent Cook. She presents a rough sketch of Trent, a picture of his red sports car and the license plate. The next day while on the way to the aquarium with the Junior Detective League, Conan sees Nora in funeral-wear and follows her to the grave of her old boyfriend, Terry York where she meets an acquaintance of hers, James Yoko. Conan shows himself to James, who is the doctor who rehabilitated Nora after she and Terry were involved in a car accident; Nora barely escaped but Terry burned to death. Conan finds out Terry had an affinity for growing Christmas cacti and the plants went to the doctor after his death. He also discovers that Nora, after the crash, rehabilitated after only three months instead of the expected six, due only to motivation and adrenaline. Conan concludes Nora asked Richard to find Trent so she can avenge Terry’s death. Conan and James meet up with Richard and Rachel at Trent's address only to find Nora about to burn Trent and his girlfriend alive. Using Terry's cacti and a bit of coaxing, Conan calms Nora and she surrenders.
3839"Akaoni Village Fire Festival Murder Case" / "Flames of Confusion"
Transcription: "Akaoni Mura Himatsuri Sastujin Jiken" (Japanese: 赤鬼村火祭殺人事件)
November 18, 1996 (1996-11-18)July 28, 2004[20]
Richard is asked by Mark Newman to trail his friend, Abraham “Abe” Yancy, for three days to protect him from possible danger. On the night after the third day, Abraham is found dead from fourth-degree burns during an annual Fire Festival, his horrifically charred remains emerged from the bonfire in front of thousands. Mark gains over $5 million dollars of life insurance money as part of a bet between the two and displays very uncaring behavior. Richard lists him as the prime suspect, however, since Mark was on a business trip when the murder took place, he has a perfect alibi. With clues from the photos taken by Richard and Mark, Conan gets to the bottom of the case but discovers that Mark is planning on fleeing Japan. Using his voice modulator, he convinces Inspector Meguire and Richard to meet at the airport. There, Conan intercepts Mark and thoroughly breaks his abili: Abraham was murdered before Mark’s trip and his corpse was stashed in the bonfire pit and Mark paid a lookalike to walk around town while Richard followed him. When Mark admits to murdering Abraham but refuses to turn himself in, Conan recorded his words and threatens to show the police. An enraged Mark attempts to murder Conan but is swiftly brought down after Conan kicks a tire at him and he is arrested after the recording is heard by police.
3940"Wealthy Daughter Murder Case (Part 1)" / "Billionaire Birthday Blues (Part 1)"
Transcription: "Shisanka Reijō Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (Japanese: 資産家令嬢殺人事件(前編))
November 25, 1996 (1996-11-25)July 29, 2004[20]
Reika Gilmore, daughter of billionaire Robert Gilmore, is having a birthday party and invites Richard who brings Rachel and Conan, as a special guest. The party abruptly ends when some guests discover the tires on their cars had been slashed, forcing Donald Hilbler, Micheal Stewart, Quinten Mifune, Dirk Copeland, Steve Sloan, and house maid Nonee to spend the night. Reika goes to change clothes, but is never seen again and Quinten mentions an accident that was promised to not be spoken of. The group splits up and searches for her, but Conan and Richard find Steve drowned to death in the fountain, and the still missing Reika is to blame. To calm everyone's nerves, Nonee and Rachel volunteer to make tea. Rachel sips hers, feels tired, and soon falls sleep. Conan brings up the accident the group was talking about and believes it may have something to do with Steve's murder: Sonya, Nonee's granddaughter, drowned apparently with no life vest, attempting to save Reika and Steve after they got caught in a storm which left them stranded on an island. During the night, a power failure occurs, Rachel is nearly drowned to death, and Richard believes that a serial killer is amongst them, randomly attacking the guests. Rachel is dazed and it appears her tea was drugged with sleeping pills. Conan finds a few clues and is convinced that the killer is one of the guests staying at the mansion. Donald makes coffee but spills it on Conan and Richard, prompting them to go wash in the bathroom, only to find Reika drowned to death in the bathtub.
4041"Wealthy Daughter Murder Case (Part 2)" / "Billionaire Birthday Blues (Part 2)"
Transcription: "Shisanka Reijō Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (Japanese: 資産家令嬢殺人事件(後編))
December 2, 1996 (1996-12-02)August 2, 2004[21]
Reika’s drenched corpse is pulled from the bathrub. Richard finds that she had been bound with rope, duct taped, and her clothes were soaking wet. After accidentally turning on the shower and being warned about getting wet, Conan tranquilizes Richard and asks the suitors to remove their jackets, then notices where water stains are located on the men's shirts before revealing Donald Hilbler as the murderer. He rejoined Steve in searching for Reika alone, giving him the perfect opportunity to murder him. Donald then caused a power failure and smashed a window to make it look like the murderer escaped. He took advantage of the darkness and attacked Rachel, who was chosen at random; gaining a witness to confirm they was held underwater in the same manner as Steve was the goal in this incident. Though it appeared Reika was drowned the same way, she did not. Reika was duct taped to the bottom of the bathtub with the shower-head turned on to ensure she drowned slowly and quietly, and thus solidifying Donald’s alibi. As evidence, his elbows have water stains on them when he removed Reika, as he rolled up his sleeves. Donald confesses, stating Sonya was killed by Reika and Steve. Sonya only had one spare life jacket plus the one she had on, meaning they took the life jackets and left Sonya to die. He also talked with Reika and Steve and both confessed to killing Sonya, before being killed themselves, and all this was done in revenge. Nonee, while devastated at this revelation, disapproves of Donald's actions.
4142"Victory Flag Tearing Case" / "Left in Tatters"
Transcription: "Yūshōki Kirisaki Jiken" (Japanese: 優勝旗切り裂き事件)
December 9, 1996 (1996-12-09)August 3, 2004[21]
Rachel, Serena and Conan attend a high school baseball game. The reigning champions, the Shoreview Bears, are playing the Unicorns for a chance to get into the playoffs. Shoreview's star pitcher, Kenyon, is shutting out the Unicorns when he notices something in his direction. The umpire calls a ball and the game resumes, only this time Kenyon's pitching is failing. The coach changes pitchers and Kenyon runs in the school. The game continues and the Unicorns continue to score runs. Suddenly, the storeroom manager alerts the principal of Shoreview that last year's championship flag has been slashed. The game stops and the players and principal pile into the school. Richard examines the flag that has been cut with short slashes primarily to the left near the stave, the window has been smashed and a ladder is outside against the school wall. The principal states that because of this incident, Shoreview will withdraw from the playoffs. The storeroom manager says that the office and storeroom key are gone. Richard realizes the ladder was planted and this was an inside job. With these clues, he labels the suspects, Kenyon, ex-pitcher Billy Jones, the principal of Shoreview High and Kenyon's mother. Kenyon confesses that he cut the flag. His mother steps in, saying he is just protecting her. He cuts her off and presents Richard with the Xacto-blade used to commit the crime. Richard calls the case closed but Conan isn't satisfied. After Conan talks to Serena about the school's academic history, he puts the pieces together and solves the case, lures Richard into the office and puts him to sleep. Using Richard's voice, he calls everyone over the intercom to the office. Using earlier evidence, the guilty party had to have been short, left handed and was in the building at the time of the crime. Kenyon is right-handed and fairly tall, taking him off the suspect list. Billy is too tall to the commit the crime, and Kenyon's mother is right-handed. Only the principal is left-handed, short and was in the building at the time of the slashing. He confesses and says the chairman of the school wanted the baseball team disbanded because he thought it was getting in the way of studies. The storeroom clerk shows up once again to report the chairman, who was thought to be ill, has died, making the principal's actions useless. Six months later, under the management of Kenyon's mother, the Shoreview Bears win the championship flag once again.
4243"Karaoke Box Murder Case" / "Karaoke Killing"
Transcription: "Karaoke Bokkusu Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: カラオケボックス殺人事件)
December 16, 1996 (1996-12-16)August 4, 2004[21]
Serena takes Rachel and Conan to a karaoke bar to visit her new acquaintance, pop-star Justin Moon of the band Lex, and his band mates: guitarist Amber, manager Mazy, and drummer Sledge. Justin appears to hate everyone and displays an arrogant, selfish personality. His signature song, "Bloody Venus", begins playing. Justin rips his jacket off as part of the performance. Former Lex member and caterer Georgie brings food and Justin grabs a rice ball, eats it, and suddenly collapses dead on the floor. Upon initial examination, Conan smells cyanide and realizes that Justin was murdered. He notices a photograph in the room of another band. In the photograph is Justin, Sledge, and two unknown women. Sledge says one of the women is Mazy, even though she looks nothing like the current Mazy. Using past evidence, Conan, using Jimmy’s voice, calls everyone back to the karaoke room. When Justin ripped his jacket off during "Bloody Venus", his hand touched cyanide that was coated on the outer layer of his band jacket. His death was hurried when he ate a riceball with his contaminated hand. The killer is revealed to be Mazy and as proof, she has Justin’s lighter in her possession; she switched jackets to conceal evidence. Mazy confesses and says that Justin hated her after she had plastic surgery, even though it was to impress him. On the back of the photograph is a love song written by Justin dedicated to Mazy making her realize he did still, in fact, love her. Mazy realizes her mistake and bursts into tears.
4344"Conan Edogawa Kidnapping Case" / "Conan Is Kidnapped"
Transcription: "Edogawa Konan Yūkai Jiken" (Japanese: 江戸川コナン誘拐事件)
January 13, 1997 (1997-01-13)August 5, 2004[21]
Fanny Edogawa shows up claiming to be Conan's mother, though he technically is not supposed to have one. Conan leaves with Fanny, demanding to know what her intentions are, where she reveals that she knows he is actually Jimmy Kudo, gives insight on his parents, their history, and her alligence with the Black Organization. Conan escapes and runs to Dr. Agasa‘s for refuge but is chloroformed by Fanny. He awakens tied up and overhears Fanny and a masked man talking about the APTX 4869 poison and a planned murder. Conan fakes his escape by hiding in a wine cellar and follows clues that lead him to the Baker Hotel, room 301. The masked man catches Conan in the closet having used room service as a decoy, forces him out, and shoots a dart at his head. The masked man, Fanny, and their client unmask themselves to be Booker and Vivian Kudo, Jimmy's real parents and Dr. Agasa, respectively. Booker reveals that he was dressed as his character, Knight Baron, he planned the whole scenario, and wishes for Jimmy to cease looking for the Men in Black. He wants Jimmy to come with them overseas, but he refuses. As punishment for all the trouble, Conan informs the press what plane his parents are boarding.
4445"Three Hotta Brothers Murder Case" / "Unhappy Birthday"
Transcription: "Hotta Sankyōdai Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: 堀田三兄弟殺人事件)
January 20, 1997 (1997-01-20)August 9, 2004[21]
When Richard, Rachel and Conan are on the way to work on a case, they pick up Oscar Hotta whose having car troubles on the side of the road. In payment, Oscar invites them to his birthday party where they meet Ryan, Kevin, Karen, and the groundskeeper Jason. Famke, Oscar’s estranged daughter, makes an appearance whom Oscar quickly dismisses. An argument leads Oscar to dismiss himself to his room, where he is killed when a massive explosion occurs. Famke denies involvement but is happy to see her father dead. Conan investigates and determines the bomb was homemade after Oscar’s corpse is found covered in fertilizer. Richard is put to sleep and Conan declares Jason to be the killer as he is the only one with access to chemicals and also possesses skills to engineer a bomb strong enough to destroy one room and kill one person. Jason confesses saying that his son was driven to suicide by Hotta and was planning to murder Famke, who he sent a fake invitation to, but that failed when Conan warned her of the situation.
4546"Facial Mask Murder Case" / "Unexpected Visitors"
Transcription: "Kaopakku Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: 顔パック殺人事件)
January 27, 1997 (1997-01-27)August 10, 2004[21]
Charlize Karmichael has been choked to death in her own home and three suspects are brought in; her daughter Marion, home security worker Cramden Yodlemiere, and her employee Oswald Burny. It is revealed that Oswald was embezzling money and Charlize was going to expose him, so he had a motive, but she was already dead when he arrived at her house. Marion is extremely suspicious because of her bad relationship with her mother and reveals that Charlize was indeed dead when she was there. Conan discovers that a facial mask was applied to the victim and one of her contact lens is missing. Marion later dressed her mother to look the same to throw off suspicion but forgot to wipe off her lipstick while in disguise. Nevertheless, Conan stuns Richard and reveals Oswald Burny to be the killer. Somehow, while Oswald was murdering Charlize, her contact len fell out into the helm of his slacks. Oswald confesses that Charlize was going to sue him then asked his parents to sell their land for his sake.
4647"Alpine Hut in the Snowy Mountain Murder Case" / "A Game of Murder"
Transcription: "Yukiyama Sansō Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: 雪山山荘殺人事件)
February 3, 1997 (1997-02-03)August 11, 2004[21]
Rachel, Richard and Conan are skiing in the mountains where they meet Dr. Shane O’Connor and his students, Kerri Nicholson, Gary Paramount, Tommy Masters, and Crystal Lemin. Shane offers the trio to stay at their place during the night due to a dangerous snowstorm. While watching his favorite soap opera, Shane is murdered in gruesome fashion but takes comfort in knowing Richard will follow the clues to track his killer down. Conan determines the murder was an inside job, and that it was one of the 4 students. Two have air-tight alibis, but the other two are suspects. Conan, through Richard, announces Kerri as the killer. Shane, on the verge of death, managed to leave a dying message. Kerri, the first to find Shane dead, understood it and attempted to wipe it away, but failed due to the blood having already dried, (in the original, Kerri’s Japanese name is the same name as a shogi piece.) Kerri confesses saying Shane stole her father’s thesis statement and took full credit.
4748"Sports Club Murder Case" / "The Last Dive"
Transcription: "Supōtsu Kurabu Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: スポーツクラブ殺人事件)
February 10, 1997 (1997-02-10)
Nicholas Sampton, the reigning diving champion, has apparently drowned to death; he was diving in the dark and struck his head on another diving board. Foul play is suggested when Conan notes the earplugs are not the same brand that the victim usually wears and finds clothes in the victim’s locker which smells like chloroform. Conan suspects Rita Saeki, who is being blackmailed for tax evasion, Keith Norse who lost the championship to Sampton, and Harry Hanouse, also blackmailed for having an affair. With doubts in mind, Conan goes to question an elderly artist who lives in the adjacent building. He shows Conan a sketch of the diver though he didn’t see his face because the pool area was dimmed. Conan notices that in the sketch are sparkles. At the sports club, Richard is put to sleep and Conan reveals that Sampton was murdered poolside with a brick. His killer, revealed to be Harry Hanouse, deliberately dimmed the lights and took a dive, not the victim. As evidence, the elderly artist sketched every aspect of the diver’s performance, even the sparkle. Harry is the only suspect wearing earrings. He confesses that Sampton’s blackmail is what drove him to murder.
4849"Diplomat Murder Case (Part 1)" / "No Immunity for the Diplomat (Part 1)"
Transcription: "Gaikōkan Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (Japanese: 外交官殺人事件(前編))
February 17, 1997 (1997-02-17)August 12, 2004[21]
Harley Hartwell, a high-school detective from the west side of Japan, is searching for Jimmy Kudo to test his skills. To help an ill Conan with his cold, Harley offers him an unknown drink, revealed to be baijiu. Soon after, Camiel Tarrington, wife to diplomat Rudy, wants Richard to investigate her son Franklin’s girlfriend, Jasmine, believing she is too perfect. Richard and the gang are invited to Camiel’s estate where they enter Rudy’s study. Kimi tries to wake up the seemingly sleeping Rudy, only to discover him dead. Harley and Conan discern Isao was killed by a needle dipped in a powerful neurotoxin and his death was recent. The room, however, was locked. Rudy and Camiel are the only ones with access to the study. Conan and Harley attempt to deduce the locked room mystery, the reasons the stereo was playing loud opera music, and the stack of books in front of Rudy. Conan's cold worsens, causing him to be bedridden in another room, while Harley discovers the murderer‘s method: the culprit placed scotch tape inside the key holder and pierced a string through the victim's pocket, allowing the culprit to leave the room, lock the study, and pull the string causing the keys to slide back into the victim's target. As evidence, Harley found some string and needle in the trash. With Conan out of action, Harley proceeds to reveal Rudy‘s killer.
4950"Diplomat Murder Case (Part 2)" / "No Immunity for the Diplomat (Part 2)"
Transcription: "Gaikōkan Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (Japanese: 外交官殺人事件(後編))
February 24, 1997 (1997-02-24)August 16, 2004[21]
Harley concludes the murderer to be Rudy’s father since he was in the room where the string and needle was found. However, Jimmy appears and reveals that Harley's deduction of the murder is incorrect, stating that the key's position inside Rudy's pocket would be impossible if he was murdered that way due to the tightness. He explains the string and needle were found in many rooms meant to frame Rudy's father. For the real method, Jimmy explains that Rudy was killed in front of everyone. The opera music and book stack were positioned to cover the victim's screams and face should Rudy wake up after being pricked by the poison needle. He then reveals the murderer to be Camiel and exclaims the evidence is in her keyholder which should reveal the groove of a needle. Camiel confesses and explains Rudy framed Mori Yasmeen, her husband, of corruption resulting in his death and tricked her into marrying him. Rudy revealed it all in a fit of rage when he discovered Franklin was dating Jasmine, daughter of Camiel and Mori. Camiel then formulated a plan to murder him. As Camiel is taken away by the police, Jimmy escapes to the bathroom and becomes Conan again. Rachel finds him in the bathroom and asks him about Jimmy's whereabouts, but collapses soon after. Three days later, Conan plans on drinking more baijiu to become Jimmy again, but Rachel hides it upon discovering him drinking alcohol. Conan is escorted by his friends to the library, he opts to play with them one last time before returning to normal.
5051"Library Murder Case" / "The Book Without Pages"
Transcription: "Toshokan Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: 図書館殺人事件)
March 3, 1997 (1997-03-03)
A librarian is hiding more than just foreign books in the shelves. Conan and the Detective Boys sneak into the library at night after seeing police look for a corpse of a missing librarian. They see the director, Tuttlebore, packing imported books that Conan found wrapped up earlier into a briefcase. Unaware of the children's presence, he boasts to himself of being able to hide the body of the missing librarian in the library without the police finding it. They decide to look for the remaining books that Tuttlebore wasn't able to take with him. After an exhausting search, they realise that there is a middle row of books between the outside two that doesn't have a spine giving the impression of it being the opposite book. In each of these fakes they find packets of narcotics. Realising that the body is on top of the elevator Conan calls it up while manually opening the door. They find the dead body of the missing librarian but inside the elevator there is the director. After narrowly escaping him they set a trap for him which knocks him out.
5152"The Golf Driving Range Murder Case" / "Driving a Bomb"
Transcription: "Gorufu Renshuujō Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: ゴルフ練習場殺人事件)
March 10, 1997 (1997-03-10)
A relaxing day at the driving range leads Conan, Richard, and Rachel to their next explosive case, as the president of a leading electronics manufacturer meets an untimely end. Richard believes the vice president to be responsible by placing a bomb inside a golf ball. Conan discovers a burnt golf ball and realizes that the bomb was in the golf club. He deduces that Michael, the assistant, was the killer. He reveals he is the president's son and wanted his father's company and implies he killed others to inherit it; adding to the fact is only one side of his suit is ruined by the blast, meaning he was instinctively trying to protect himself. As the police drag him away, Conan believes that there may have been some good in him, as he had tried to make Conan leave the area before the bomb went off.
5253A"The Mist Goblin Legend Murder Case 1 hr." / "The Mist Goblin Murder (Part 1)"
Transcription: "Kiri-tengu Densetsu Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: 霧天狗伝説殺人事件)
March 17, 1997 (1997-03-17)
One rainy day, Rachel, Conan and Richard lose their way home and are about to spend the night in the car when Conan luckily finds a temple. The headmaster welcomes them then explains to them of the legendary Mist Goblin, an ancient creature possessing immense strength that has been seen around the temple seeking unfortunate victims to hang from the tallest trees in the forest. During dinner, when they hear Richard is a detective, the Master gets angry and wants him out of the Temple by tomorrow. Sadly the next day, the headmaster is found hanged from the center beam of the Discipline Room, 10 meters above the ground. There are four suspects: Kannen, Mokunen, Tonnen and Shunen. Conan and the investigation team find that the same thing happened 2 years ago: a student was killed, eeriely under the same exact circumstances, allegedly by the Mist Goblin.
5254B"The Mist Goblin Legend Murder Case 1 hr." / "The Mist Goblin Murder (Part 2)"
Transcription: "Kiri-tengu Densetsu Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: 霧天狗伝説殺人事件)
March 17, 1997 (1997-03-17)
After the murder of the headmaster, Conan uses Richard to reveal that the Master was murdered last night before being hanged. The murderer used a dashboard to the waterfall to fill the room he was found in with water and a rubber boat to float to the top, where he hung the corpse on the rail. Conan names Shunen the murderer, revealing Shunen didn't hear Richard's scream the night before and noting a piece of double-sided tape which yields his fingerprints. Shunen reveals Chunin, the student killed 2 years ago, is his brother and who was murdered by the Headmaster because he didn’t want his students dating his granddaughter. Shunen enrolled at the temple to find out the truth; he eventually discovered the trick, but didn’t know who used it. He confronted a drunken Headmaster after he refused to discuss his former student‘s death with Richard. He confessed to murdering Chunin, and is then murdered by Shunin in a fit of rage, his death covered up to look like the legendary Mist Goblin had struck again. Shunin is arrested for his crime.
5355B"Mysterious Weapon Murder Case" / "Weapon of Choice"
Transcription: "Nazo no Kyouki Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: 謎の凶器殺人事件)
April 7, 1997 (1997-04-07)
After finding a wounded bird on the ground, Conan, Richard, and Rachel hear a scream coming from the building next to them. Once upon entering the building, they find Rob Monroe, an arrogant businessman, on his balcony, bashed to death and the murder weapon appears to be the potted plant beside his corpse. Suspects in the case is his soon-to-be-divorced wife Tracy, Dexter Reynolds, and Nick Weldon. The only real clues at this point are metallic sounds heard from a suspect, the wounded bird from earlier, and fresh scratches on the railing nearby. Conan understands the situation at hand and drops hints for Richard, allowing him to form a theory and reveal Nick Weldon as the killer. From the abandoned building next door, Nick flung a weighted object and struck the back of Rob’s head, killing him instantly. Proof of his guilt is the footprint he left behind when he casted his weapon. Nick confesses and says Rob drove him out of business. Afterwards, Richard tries surf fishing but ends up falling into the river.
5456B"Game Company Murder Case" / "Game Gone Bad"
Transcription: "Gēmu Kaisha Satsujin Jiken" (Japanese: ゲーム会社殺人事件)
April 14, 1997 (1997-04-14)
Richard is invited to a party for the release of a game which stores himself. While there, Conan runs into a man who uses the alias Tequila and learns that he plans to meet with Gin and Vodka. Conan follows Tequila to the bathroom where an explosion occurs and kills the man. Conan investigates the explosion and realizes that it was a murder attempt but the wrong person was killed. Conan knocks Richard out and uses his voice changing bow tie to reveal what had happened. Conan reveals that Tequila and Henry Nelbit, one of the game designers, secretly exchanged suitcases. Conan reveals that the bomber is game designer Charles Shore and that Henry was his intended target. As evidence, Conan reveals that Henry's suitcase's key would fit into the suitcase Charles is holding since that is originally Henry's suitcase. Charles confesses and denounces Henry for having an affair with his wife. Conan asks Henry what he knows about Tequila's acquaintances only to learn that he always meets them in the cafe in the Apollo building. Conan heads there only to find out Gin and Vodka had cause an explosion to hide evidence of them being there.


  • ^Jp. The episode's numbering as followed in Japan
  • ^Eng. The episode's numbering as followed by Funimation Entertainment
  • ^1 hr. The episodes were aired as a single hour long episode in Japan
  • ^B These episodes are part of the third season of Case Closed


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