Cape Stolbchaty

Cape Stolbchaty (Russian: мыс Столбчатый, IPA: [mɨs ˈstoɫpt͡ɕɪtɨj], lit. 'Cape Columnar') is a geographic cape on the west shore of Kunashir Island, the southernmost of the Kuril Islands, in Sakhalin Oblast, Russia. It is famous for its columnar basalt formations, which are strikingly similar to the Giant's Causeway in County Antrim in Northern Ireland.[1][2]

Cape Stolbchaty
Мыс Столбчатый. После заката.jpg
LocationKuril Islands, Sakhalin Oblast, Russia
Coordinates44°1′30″N 145°40′33″E / 44.02500°N 145.67583°E / 44.02500; 145.67583

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