Cantabrian people

The Cantabrians (Cantabrian and Spanish: cántabros) are a subgroup of Spaniards and the native inhabitants of the autonomous community of Cantabria, in northern Spain.[4] Sometimes they are referred to as "montañeses" (meaning Highlanders). The traditional dialects in this region, known as Cantabru or Montañés, are related to the Astur-Leonese languages.

Total population
593,121 (Cantabria 2011)
Regions with significant populations
In Spain: Cantabria; Madrid, Biscay, Asturias, Barcelona.[1]Diaspora
 United States1,190[1]
Other countries3,099[1]
Castilian, Cantabrian.
Roman Catholicism[2]
Related ethnic groups
other Spaniards (Asturians, Leonese, Castilians), Celtic peoples[3]


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