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Canoeing at the 1956 Summer Olympics – Men's K-2 1000 metres

These are the results of the men's K-2 1000 metres competition in canoeing at the 1956 Summer Olympics. The K-2 event is raced by two-man canoe sprint kayaks. Heats and final took place on December 1.



The 15 teams first raced in three heats. The top three teams in each heat advanced directly to the final.

Heat 1
1.   Mikhail Kaaleste and Anatoly Demitkov (URS) 3:55.1 QF
2.   Max Raub and Herbert Wiedermann (AUT) 3:57.2 QF
3.   Miroslav Jemelka and Rudolf Klabouch (TCH) 3:58.3 QF
4.   Carl-Åke Ljung and Ragnar Heurlin (SWE) 4:00.0
5.   Imre Vágyóczky and Zoltán Szigeti (HUN) 4:00.3
Heat 2
1.   Michel Scheuer and Meinrad Miltenberger (EUA) 3:56.4 QF
2.   Mircea Anastasescu and Stavru Teodorov (ROU) 3:59.1 QF
3.   Brian Bullivant and Raymond Blick (GBR) 4:01.6 QF
4.   Ryszard Skwarski and Jerzy Górski (POL) 4:12.6
5.   Russell Dermond and John Pagkos (USA) 4:22.7
Heat 3
1.   Walter Brown and Dennis Green (AUS) 4:03.0 QF
2.   Henri Verbrugghe and Germain van der Moere (BEL) 4:04.7 QF
3.   Maurice Graffen and Michel Meyer (FRA) 4:09.7 QF
4.   Robert Smith and Leslie Melia (CAN) 4:27.8
-   Pentti Raaskoski and Juhani Helenius (FIN) DQ

The Finnish team originally finished second in their heat prior to their disqualification.


    Michel Scheuer and Meinrad Miltenberger (EUA) 3:49.6
    Mikhail Kaaleste and Anatoly Demitkov (URS) 3:51.4
    Max Raub and Herbert Wiedermann (AUT) 3:55.8
4.   Mircea Anastasescu and Stavru Teodorov (ROU) 3:56.1
5.   Maurice Graffen and Michel Meyer (FRA) 3:58.3
6.   Henri Verbrugghe and Germain van der Moere (BEL) 3:58.7
7.   Walter Brown and Dennis Green (AUS) 3:59.1
8.   Miroslav Jemelka and Rudolf Klabouch (TCH) 4:01.4
9.   Brian Bullivant and Raymond Blick (GBR) 4:05.9