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Dynasty is an American prime time television soap opera reboot based on the 1980s series of the same name.

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In season one, heiress Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gillies) is unhappy to find her billionaire father Blake (Grant Show) engaged to Cristal Flores (Nathalie Kelley), a rival employee at the family company. When Fallon's machinations to separate the couple backfire and cost her a promotion, she allies with Blake's nemesis, Jeff Colby (Sam Adegoke), and strikes out on her own. Meanwhile, the arrival of Cristal's opportunistic nephew Sam (Rafael de la Fuente)—who becomes romantically involved with Fallon's wayward brother Steven (James Mackay)—threatens to expose Cristal's shady past. Watching out for the Carringtons are majordomo Anders (Alan Dale) and chauffeur Michael Culhane (Robert Christopher Riley).[1][2] Later in the season, Fallon marries Liam Ridley (Adam Huber) to thwart Jeff's plot to ruin her, and Blake's ex-wife Alexis Carrington (Nicollette Sheridan), the estranged mother of Steven and Fallon, returns.[3] Season two introduces Ana Brenda Contreras as Cristal Jennings; Maddison Brown as Anders's daughter Kirby; Sam Underwood as Adam Carrington, Blake and Alexis's eldest son; and Michael Michele as Dominique Deveraux, Blake's half-sister and the mother of Jeff and Monica Colby (Wakeema Hollis). In season three, Daniella Alonso portrays Cristal, and Elaine Hendrix plays Alexis.

The reboot updates several elements from the 1980s original, including moving the setting from Denver, Colorado to Atlanta, Georgia; making Steven's homosexuality a nonissue to Blake; and changing gold digger Sammy Jo from a woman to a gay man.[1][4][5] Additionally, in the new series, Blake's new wife and her nephew are Hispanic, and both Michael and the Colby family are African-American.[1][5]


Main cast members
Actor Character Appearances
First 1 2 3 4
Elizabeth Gillies Fallon Carrington "I Hardly Recognized You" Main
Nathalie Kelley Celia Machado / Cristal Carrington Main Does not appear
James Mackay Steven Carrington Main[a] Does not appear
Robert Christopher Riley Michael Culhane Main
Sam Adegoke Jeff Colby Main
Rafael de la Fuente Sam Jones-Carrington Main
Alan Dale Joseph Anders Main
Grant Show Blake Carrington Main
Nicollette Sheridan Alexis Carrington Colby "Poor Little Rich Girl" Recurring Main[b] Does not appear
Elizabeth Gillies "How Two-Faced Can You Get" Does not appear Recurring[c] Does not appear
Elaine Hendrix "The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial" Does not appear Main[d]
Ana Brenda Contreras Cristal Flores Jennings Carrington "Twenty-Three Skidoo" Does not appear Main Does not appear
Daniella Alonso "Guilt Trip to Alaska" Does not appear Main
Maddison Brown Kirby Anders "Twenty-Three Skidoo" Stand-in[e] Main
Sam Underwood Adam Carrington "Parisian Legend Has It..." Does not appear Main[f]
Michael Michele Dominique Deveraux "New Lady in Town" Does not appear Recurring Main
Adam Huber Liam Ridley "Our Turn Now" Recurring Main
Recurring cast members
Actor Character Appearances
First 1 2 3
Nick Wechsler Matthew Blaisdel "I Hardly Recognized You" Recurring Does not appear
Brianna Brown Claudia Blaisdel Recurring Does not appear
Wakeema Hollis Monica Colby Recurring
Elena Tovar Iris Machado "Guilt is for Insecure People" Recurring Does not appear
Michael Patrick Lane Ted Dinard "Company Slut" Recurring Does not appear
Arnetia Walker Luella Culhane "A Taste of Your Own Medicine" Guest Does not appear
Luis Fernández Alejandro Raya "The Best Things in Life" Recurring Does not appear
Hakeem Kae-Kazim Cesil Colby "Rotten Things" Recurring Guest Does not appear
Kelly Rutherford Melissa Daniels "Promises You Can't Keep" Recurring Guest
Elizabeth Youman Evie Culhane "The Gospel According to Blake Carrington" Guest Does not appear
Brent Antonello Hank Sullivan "A Line from the Past" Recurring Does not appear
Katherine LaNasa Ada Stone "The Butler Did It" Does not appear Recurring Does not appear
Sharon Lawrence Laura Van Kirk Does not appear Guest Recurring
Taylor Black Ashley Cunningham "A Champagne Mood" Does not appear Guest
Nicole Zyana Allison "How Two-Faced Can You Get" Does not appear Recurring Guest
Geovanni Gopradi Roberto Flores "Motherly Overprotectiveness" Does not appear Guest
Ken Kirby Evan Tate Wild Ghost Chase Does not appear Recurring
Kelli Barrett Nadia "Mother? I’m at La Mirage" Does not appear Recurring
Jade Payton Vanessa Deveraux Does not appear Recurring
Daniel Di Tomasso Fletcher Myers Shoot from the Hip Does not appear Recurring
Emily Rudd Heidi "You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White" Does not appear Recurring
John Jackson Hunter Connor Does not appear Recurring


  1. ^ In season two, James Mackay is credited as a series regular in the episodes in which he appears with the exception of "A Champagne Mood" (2.10) and "Deception, Jealousy, and Lies" (2.22), in which he is credited as a special guest star and a guest star, respectively.
  2. ^ Nicollette Sheridan is credited as a series regular through "Motherly Overprotectiveness" (2.15)
  3. ^ Gillies portrays Alexis in three episodes (2.17, 2.18 and 2.19) after Alexis' first face surgery, in which she is credited as guest starring.
  4. ^ Elaine Hendrix is credited as a series regular from "The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial" (3.08) onwards.
  5. ^ Kirby is portrayed by a stand-in in the season one finale episode, "Dead Scratch" (1.22).
  6. ^ Sam Underwood is credited as a guest star in "Parisian Legend Has It..." (2.14), and as a series regular from "Motherly Overprotectiveness" (2.15) onward.


Elizabeth Gillies portrays Fallon Carrington, and Alexis Carrington in the second half of season two
Nicollette Sheridan portrays Alexis Carrington in seasons one and two
Daniella Alonso plays Cristal in the third season
Elaine Hendrix portrays Alexis Carrington in season three

Fallon CarringtonEdit

Heiress Fallon Carrington (portrayed by Elizabeth Gillies) is unhappy with her father Blake's engagement to Cristal Flores, and is furious when he gives Cristal the promotion Fallon wanted for herself. She positions herself as her father's business rival, backed by Blake's nemesis Jeff Colby. Oblivious to Jeff's attraction to her, Fallon is carrying on a sexual relationship with the family chauffeur, Michael Culhane.[6]

Cristal Flores CarringtonEdit

Carrington Atlantic's head of public relations, Cristal Flores (portrayed by Nathalie Kelley), marries Blake and immediately makes an enemy of his daughter Fallon. Cristal's married ex-lover, Matthew Blaisdel, is killed in the aftermath of a suspicious explosion, which implicates the Carringtons. Cristal—whose real name is Celia Machado—is also trying to hide certain details of her past from Blake, which is made more difficult by the arrival of her nephew Sam Jones.[6]

Steven CarringtonEdit

Blake's son Steven Carrington (portrayed by James Mackay) devotes himself to environmental and humanitarian causes, often in opposition to his father's business interests. He becomes romantically involved with Sam, who he soon discovers is his new stepmother Cristal's nephew.[6]

Michael CulhaneEdit

Blake's chauffeur Michael Culhane (portrayed by Robert Christopher Riley) is Fallon's lover and unofficial henchman; he has feelings for her which at first seem unrequited, but in losing him Fallon realizes that she loves him.[6]

Jeff ColbyEdit

Jeff Colby (portrayed by Sam Adegoke) is a high school friend of Fallon's, and Blake's former employee. He made a fortune from software he created while working for Blake, which the court ruled was his own property. Blake has never forgiven him for this "betrayal".[6] Jeff finances Fallon's business venture to be close to her, but it takes a while for her to begin to see his value as a partner.[7] In "Trashy Little Tramp", it is revealed that Jeff's mother Millie is Blake Carrington's half-sister.[8]

Sam "Sammy Jo" JonesEdit

Cristal's opportunistic nephew Samuel Josiah "Sammy Jo" Jones (portrayed by Rafael de la Fuente) becomes romantically involved with Steven. Sam's presence makes Cristal nervous, as he knows her secrets.[6]

Joseph AndersEdit

Staunchly protective of the Carringtons, majordomo Joseph Anders (portrayed by Alan Dale) is threatened by Cristal's presence as the new would-be mistress of the mansion,[6] as well as her scheming nephew Sam.[9]

Blake CarringtonEdit

Atlanta energy tycoon Blake Carrington (portrayed by Grant Show) marries public relations executive Cristal Flores, which lands his family at the center of a scandal when Cristal's married ex-lover Matthew Blaisdel is killed in a suspicious explosion. The marriage—and Blake's promotion of Cristal to COO of his company, Carrington Atlantic—put him at odds with his daughter Fallon, who allies herself with Blake's nemesis Jeff Colby as a business rival to her father. Blake already has a complicated relationship with his son Steven, who disapproves of his father's capitalistic politics and underhanded business tactics.[6]

Alexis Carrington ColbyEdit

Blake's long absent ex-wife Alexis (portrayed by Nicollette Sheridan) reappears at Thomas' funeral in "Poor Little Rich Girl",[10][11] and she soon makes an enemy of her daughter Fallon in "Enter Alexis".[3][12] The role was later portrayed by Elizabeth Gillies in three episodes of season two, and played by Elaine Hendrix for season three.

Cristal Jennings CarringtonEdit

Cristal Jennings (portrayed by Ana Brenda Contreras), the woman from whom Celia Machado got her identity as Cristal, comes to Atlanta to offer her condolences to Blake in season two. The role is played by Daniella Alonso in season three.

Kirby AndersEdit

Anders's estranged daughter arrives at the Carrington manor by Sam's invitation in "Dead Scratch".[13][14] Anders keeps Kirby (portrayed by Maddison Brown) at a distance from the Carringtons in "Twenty-Three Skidoo", and father and daughter clash over her wild lifestyle and his mistrust.[15]

Adam CarringtonEdit

Adam Carrington (portrayed by Sam Underwood), Blake and Alexis's eldest son who was kidnapped as an infant, arrives in Atlanta looking to reclaim the life and family he was denied.

Dominique DeverauxEdit

Dominique Deveraux (portrayed by Michael Michele), Jeff and Monica's mother and Blake's half-sister, reappears in "New Lady in Town" after abandoning her family for a singing career in New York years before.

Liam RidleyEdit

Liam Ridley (portrayed by Adam Huber) meets and agrees to marry Fallon Carrington to thwart Jeff's plot against her. Over time, the business relationship evolves into a romantic one.


Introduced in season oneEdit

Matthew BlaisdelEdit

Matthew Blaisdel (portrayed by Nick Wechsler) is Blake's top field engineer at Carrington Atlantic, and Cristal's former lover. Engaged to Blake, Cristal says goodbye to Matthew in "I Hardly Recognized You", and Fallon uses photos of their kiss to try to separate Cristal and Blake. Meanwhile, on his final job for Blake before he resigns, Matthew is injured in an explosion, and later dies. His widow, Claudia, accuses Blake of murder.[6] The explosion is determined to have been caused by sabotage, and the Carringtons work to hide Cristal's connection to Matthew in "Spit It Out". Matthew's friend Willy Santiago tells Cristal that before his death, Matthew refused Blake's offer of a job transfer to China.[16] Fallon leaks a sex tape of Cristal and Matthew in "Private as a Circus", and the Carringtons are cleared of wrongdoing in Matthew's death by Willy's suicide note.[7] Confronting the Carringtons at gunpoint in "A Taste of Your Own Medicine", Claudia admits to setting the explosion that killed Matthew, though his death was not her intent. Claudia is subdued, and with Police Chief Stansfield's help, Blake sends Claudia to a sanitarium rather than prison.[17] Matthew, not dead after all, visits Claudia at the facility in "Trashy Little Tramp", vengeful toward the Carringtons.[8] He helps Claudia escape the sanitarium in "Dead Scratch", and they infiltrate the mansion. Claudia snaps and confronts Cristal with a gun. Matthew steps between them as Claudia fires, except that Matthew is a figment of her imagination, and Cristal takes the bullet.[13][14]

Executive producer Sallie Patrick said of reimagining the character:

One big decision we had to make when rebooting Dynasty was what to do with Matthew Blaisdel ... Matthew was Cristal's on-again-off-again lover, and while we loved that part of Cristal's backstory and loved Matthew's crazy wife, Claudia, he didn't bring that much to the original series other than business stories, and the Shapiros encouraged us to focus more on family than business. So, when I was watching the original Dynasty pilot, there's this oil rigging accident Blake sets up in order to tank the price so he can swoop in and buy it out from under his competitor. The realization of this causes Walter Lankershim (Willy in our version) to crash the Carrington wedding with a gun. In our version, it made dramatic (and soapy) sense to have Matthew injured in the accident, sending his wife, Claudia, to the Carringtons' doorstep to give Cristal the news that her new husband may have killed her ex-lover. And that accusation—and the mystery surrounding it—is what launches us into series.[18]

Claudia BlaisdelEdit

Matthew's wife, Claudia Blaisdel (portrayed by Brianna Brown), is recovering from a head injury that has left her with memory loss. Distraught over Matthew's death, she accuses Blake of killing him.[6]

Monica ColbyEdit

Jeff's sister Monica Colby (portrayed by Wakeema Hollis) is Fallon's best friend from high school.[6] She is initially angry with her father Cesil for the crimes that landed him in jail,[19] and with her mother Dominique Deveraux for abandoning the family years before.[20][21]

Iris Machado and Alejandro RayaEdit

First seen in flashback in "Guilt is for Insecure People", Iris (portrayed by Elena Tovar) is Cristal's sister, and Sam's mother.[22] After stealing a fortune in cash, she and Cristal plan to flee Venezuela. Cristal arrives at their rendezvous point, but is forced to leave alone when Iris does not show up. In the present, Cristal learns through Sam that Iris is once again on the run and needs money, but Cristal is unable to access any funds without Anders knowing. Sam arranges a robbery at the mansion to come up with the money.[9] Another flashback in "The Best Things in Life" reveals that Iris' abusive boyfriend Alejandro Raya (portrayed by Luis Fernández), who is Sam's father, was responsible for Cristal's miscarriage. Her need for medical care prompted the sisters to steal the money from Iris' criminal employers. In the present, Cristal receives a threat, and Anders helps her pay off her pursuers.[23][24] Blake brings Iris to Atlanta for the holidays in "Rotten Things".[25] Cristal and Anders discover that Iris was behind the extortion plot, and a confrontation with her sister causes Cristal to admit to Sam that she killed his father to defend Iris. Blake later greets a business associate, Diego Callestada, who is in fact Alejandro.[26][19] He reveals himself to Cristal in "A Well-Dressed Tarantula", threatening to expose Blake's father's past crimes if she does not help him close a deal with Carrington-Atlantic. Cristal and the Carringtons—with Sam's help—turn the tables on Alejandro and Iris. After being told by Cristal that they are no longer sisters, Iris chloroforms and abducts Fallon.[27] In "I Answer to No Man", Alejandro and Iris hold Fallon hostage in a warehouse. Cristal delivers the ransom alone, and is taken as a hostage as well. She eventually convinces Iris that Alejandro is bad and will only turn on her, and as Alejandro tries to strangle Cristal, Iris shoots and kills him. The sisters reconcile. Cristal sends Iris off with some cash, and tells the police she shot Alejandro in self-defense, not Iris.[28][29]

Ted DinardEdit

Ted Dinard (portrayed by Michael Patrick Lane) is Steven's ex-boyfriend from New York, who reappears in "Company Slut". Sober for two years and working for the Sky Conservancy Organization, Ted apologizes to Steven for the dissolution of their relationship, which included a drug-addicted Ted accepting money from Blake to leave Steven. Steven is poised to forgive Ted, but finds that Ted has slept with Sam.[30][31] In "The Best Things in Life", a distraught Steven does a line of cocaine and calls Ted to say that he is on his way to New York to see him.[23][24] Steven's grandfather Thomas drags him back to Atlanta in "Rotten Things", followed by Ted. Though Steven plans to travel with Ted rather than go to rehab, Ted is arrested for drug possession and faces his third strike. Blake is unable to help because Jeff and Steven coerced Police Chief Stansfield to retire. Though Steven and an impressed Thomas believe that Blake set Ted up, Jeff is actually behind it.[26][19] In "Nothing But Trouble", Steven decides to run for city council, and lets Ted know that tales of their wild past may become public. A distraught Ted, using drugs and believing that Sam and Steven are romantically involved, stages a scuffle with Sam and leaps out of an upper story window.[32][33] He is brought unconscious to the hospital in "The Gospel According to Blake Carrington", and at Blake's urging, Steven spins the potentially negative publicity by pretending to be Ted's grieving partner. At Ted's hospital bedside, Steven manipulates Ted's religious father, Gerard "Gerry" Dinard (Stephan Jones), to reclaim Sam's missing earring from Ted's belongings. Ted wakes up, but his father whisks him off to rehab before he is able to say anything to the police about his fall.[34]

Patrick said after the character's first appearance in November 2017, "Ted Dinard is a character from the OG Dynasty who played a big part in season 1...So let's just say, he'll be back."[31]

Cesil ColbyEdit

Cesil Colby (portrayed by Hakeem Kae-Kazim) is Jeff and Monica's father. In "A Taste of Your Own Medicine", it is established that he is in jail.[17] In "Rotten Things", Monica refuses Fallon's urging to visit him, and Cesil lashes out at Fallon. When Jeff visits, he and Cesil discuss their vendetta against Blake, who they say slept with Cesil's wife and framed him on drug charges.[26][19] In "Nothing But Trouble", Blake tasks Anders to bribe a prison guard to stage an attack intended to prevent Cesil from being paroled. The parole board votes against his release, but Jeff sleeps with the parole commissioner, who sets Cesil free.[32][33] Confined to Jeff's house with an ankle monitor in "The Gospel According to Blake Carrington", Cesil is compelled to go along with Jeff's plan to marry Fallon as a means to destroy Blake. However, seeing Jeff and Monica so close to Fallon and Michael at dinner sets Cesil off, and he angrily reveals to Fallon the crimes Blake has committed against the Colbys. When Fallon and Michael have left, Cesil tells Jeff that he is taking over the plot against Blake himself.[34] In "Our Turn Now", the Carringtons are planning Jeff and Fallon's wedding, which is actually a diversion while they attempt to erase the data Jeff has stolen from them. Cesil refuses to attend the rehearsal, so Blake makes a personal plea to Cesil to put their differences aside and come to the wedding. The Carringtons manage to turn the tables on Jeff. A vengeful Cesil moves to confront Blake with a gun, but instead comes upon Thomas, who has a heart attack. Cesil flees at Jeff's urging, and Thomas admits to the Carringtons that Blake never had an affair, but was just covering for Thomas.[35] As Jeff and Fallon's feud goes public in "Poor Little Rich Girl", Monica cuts ties with Jeff and takes guardianship of Cesil.[10][11] Blake's ex-wife, Alexis, gets Cesil's house arrest extended in "A Line From the Past" as a way to re-fuel Jeff's vendetta against Blake. In addition, she reveals that he is a Carrington. As it turns out, Blake's closeness with Cesil's wife stemmed from the two of them being siblings rather than having an affair.

In the season two episode "Crazy Lady", it is confirmed that Cesil's house arrest has come to an end. Cesil helps Monica take care of Jeff after being poisoned in "New Lady in Town", the same time his ex-wife, Dominique Deveraux, returns from New York. Cesil welcomes Dominique back into the family, though Jeff and Monica are more hesitant.

Kae-Kazim was cast in November 2017.[36] The character was played by Lloyd Bochner in the 1980s series,[37][38] in which he was Jeff's uncle who raised him.[39]

Melissa DanielsEdit

Melissa Daniels (portrayed by Kelly Rutherford) is introduced in the season one episode "Promises You Can't Keep" as a "spiraling lush" who is married to Senator Paul Daniels (portrayed by Rick Hearst). She gives Cristal advice about being married to a powerful man, noting her own husband's many infidelities.[40][41] When Melissa reappears in "Poor Little Rich Girl", she is divorcing Paul following a scandal made public thanks to Cristal. Steven seeks help from Melissa, with whom he had an affair 10 years before, to secure an O-1 visa for Sam. Steven agrees to Melissa's demand that he have sex with her.[10][11] In "Dead Scratch", Melissa reveals to Steven that she is pregnant with his child, moments before he is set to marry Sam.[13][14]

In season two, Melissa's pregnancy is showing in "Twenty-Three Skidoo", but Steven has still not told Sam about it because Sam is mourning Cristal.[15] In "Ship of Vipers", Sam and Alexis suspect that Melissa is not really pregnant, but they are proven wrong.[42] Anders confirms that Steven is his biological child in "The Butler Did It". Now that she believes her baby is no longer a Carrington heir, Melissa admits that Steven is not the father.[43]

Learning that she is the President of the Atlanta Historical Alliance in the season three episode "Wild Ghost Chase", Sam faces off with Melissa, who refuses to cancel the media day she has planned for his new hotel La Mirage even though its designer was an infamous homophobe.[44]

Rutherford's initial casting was announced in November 2017.[41]

Hank SullivanEdit

Steven's search for his older brother Adam—kidnapped as an infant and never returned due to a trigger-happy police officer botching their exchange—leads him to Hank Sullivan (portrayed by Brent Antonello) in "A Line from the Past".[45][46] Steven brings Hank/Adam home to Atlanta in "Trashy Little Tramp", where he is accepted by Alexis but rejected by Blake. Blake confides in Sam that the kidnappers cut off Adam's finger, though he never told Alexis. When it is revealed that Hank has a prosthetic finger, Blake is convinced of his identity. Hank later visits Alexis; he is actually her lover, with whom she is conspiring to amass enough Carrington Atlantic shares to seize control of the company.[8][47] In "Dead Scratch", Hank is added to the Carrington trust along with newly-discovered Carringtons Jeff and Monica Colby, who declare their intention to force a sale of the company. Defying Alexis' orders, Hank is seduced by the money and votes with the Colbys. Cristal discovers Alexis and Hank's ruse, and he flees with Claudia.[13][14]

Hank, who is the prime suspect in Cristal's murder, blackmails Alexis in "Twenty-Three Skidoo", threatening to expose their plan. He also reveals that he started the fire.[15] Hank tries to sell the Rembrandt that Alexis gave him as collateral in "Queen of Cups", but she intervenes to keep him away from Blake. Claudia then berates Hank for his failure to get the money.[48][49] In "That Witch", Hank cuts Claudia out of his payoff from Alexis. Realizing that Claudia is unhinged, he takes baby Matthew and leaves him on Alexis's doorstep.[50][51]

Introduced in season twoEdit

Laura Van KirkEdit

Following the sudden death of her brother Max, Laura Van Kirk (portrayed by Sharon Lawrence) arrives in Atlanta in "The Butler Did It" to check up on her son Liam, as well as to meet her new daughter-in-law Fallon. Having suffered a nervous breakdown following the death of her first husband, Laura has spent years taking out her anger and frustration on Liam. Fallon ultimately stands up for Liam, creating conflict between the two women.[43][52] Laura returns in "This Illness of Mine" with news that she has cancer, though this turns out to be a ruse to gain Liam's sympathy. Laura has been assisted in this by Fallon's brother Adam, with whom she has also been involved in a sexual relationship.

In "Caution Never Won a War", Laura sabotages Fallon's attempts to help Liam regain his memories of their relationship after he develops amnesia. She files for a restraining order against Fallon and remains by Liam's side in the hospital, making it impossible for Fallon to see him. It is revealed in "Is the Next Surgery on the House?" that Laura convinced Liam's former girlfriend Heidi to lie and say she was pregnant with his son when in reality her child belonged to Liam's father. With Liam cutting contact with his mother and pursuing his future with Fallon, Laura makes a deal with Blake to put an end to Fallon and Liam's engagement in exchange for her signing off on Carrington Atlantic being sold back to him. Though Blake double-crosses her in "She Cancelled...", Laura is convinced that their plan was a success, and she and Blake embrace in a kiss.

Lawrence's casting was announced in August 2018, initially meant to appear in a single episode. The character was described as "so overpowering and manipulative that she puts Fallon's mother, Alexis, to shame."[53]

Ada StoneEdit

In "The Butler Did It", unscrupulous power broker Ada Stone (portrayed by Katherine LaNasa) blackmails Michael with information that will send Fallon to jail.[43][52] Ada forces Michael into a high-stakes poker game run by a business rival to photograph documents for her in "Snowflakes in Hell", after which she arranges for the game to be raided by the FBI.[54] In "Queen of Cups", Michael and Jeff work together against Ada, but she outmaneuvers them.[55] Fallon and Monica's new business venture threatens Jeff and Michael's poker game in "A Temporary Infestation", which does not please Ada.[56] Michael agrees to do one last job smuggling artifacts for Ada in "A Real Instinct for the Jugular", and talks his way out of a dangerous situation. She gives him all of her blackmail material on Fallon and a $5 million bonus, but asks him to keep working with her.[57][58] In "Crazy Lady", Ada sets up Van Kirk Industries to be implicated in a drug smuggling operation, fully aware that Michael and Jeff would be caught in the FBI raid.[59]

LaNasa is the real-life wife of Grant Show, who stars as Blake.[60][61]

Ashley CunninghamEdit

Introduced as Liam's girlfriend in "A Champagne Mood", Ashley Cunningham (portrayed by Taylor Black) comes from a wealthy New York-based family who are close with the Van Kirks. Fallon follows Liam and Ashley on their ski trip to Sun Valley in "The Sight of You", determined to win Liam back. This causes a war to break out between Fallon and Ashley, with Sam and Kirby sabotaging Ashley's spa treatment and Ashley starting a bar fight with Fallon and her friends. Though Liam and Ashley breakup shortly after, Fallon brings her back to Atlanta in "Life Is a Masquerade Party" to stir up publicity for Liam's new book. However, this erupts jealousy on Fallon's part.

Ashley reappears in "Guilt Trip to Alaska" after a near-fatal injury leaves Liam with amnesia. Ashley takes advantage of this by rekindling their relationship, with the help of Liam's mother Laura, and the two are set to marry in "Something Desperate". Fallon gets through to Liam, however, and he calls off the wedding in order to focus on himself until he fully regains his memory.


Fallon purchases and rebrands Elcott Publishing into Femperial Publishing in "Miserably Ungrateful Men", making Allison (portrayed by Nicole Zyana) her new executive assistant. Despite Fallon regularly intimidating and degrading her, Allison makes it clear in "She Cancelled..." that she still views Fallon as a great boss and even looks up to her as a role-model. In "My Hangover's Arrived", Sam has Allison attend Fallon's bachelorette party as their babysitter, but she ends up drinking as much as the rest of them and is found in the hospital the following day. Allison goes with Fallon and the others to retrace their steps of the previous night, and Allison flashes a bouncer in order for everyone to get past the gate and back into the club. On the plane ride home, they all look through pictures of the previous night and see Allison made out with a random woman.

Roberto FloresEdit

In "Motherly Overprotectiveness", Cristal seeks out the help of her estranged family for a scheme to obtain land from Jeff Colby in order to build The Atlantix's stadium. Cristal's brother, Roberto (portrayed by Geovanni Gopradi), delivers the papers needed to put the land in her name, as well as a plane ticket to go visit their father. Roberto returns in "Miserably Ungrateful Men" to make sure Cristal hires one of their father's pet players for The Atlantix in order to rig games. Sam is put off by Roberto's homophobic nature but later catches him kissing another man, explaining where Roberto's behavior comes from. Sam convinces Roberto to forgive Cristal for betraying their family, and Roberto gives Cristal a dossier that their father has collected on her and the Carringtons. Cristal promises Roberto in "Life is a Masquerade Party" that she will stop Blake from antagonizing their father any further.

Cristal calls Roberto in "A Wound That May Never Heal" to put a hit out on Alexis Carrington. In "That Wicked Stepmother", the hit-man that Roberto procured for Cristal backs out, so Roberto agrees to finish the job by attaching a bomb to Alexis' car. This backfires, however, as Roberto attaches the bomb to the wrong car and is injured once it goes off. In "Up a Tree", Cristal uses the private jet to get Roberto out of the country before the police's investigation is able to piece anything together.

Introduced in season threeEdit

Evan TateEdit

Evan Tate (portrayed by Ken Kirby) is the older brother of Trixie, a friend of Fallon's who disappeared years prior. After Trixie's body is discovered in the Carringtons' lake, Evan becomes reacquainted with Fallon in "Wild Ghost Chase", pretending to forgive her only to then sabotage her community service in an attempt to see her end up in jail. Fallon discovers this and the two then truly make amends, Evan helping fix the damage he caused to Fallon's community garden. In "Mother? I'm at La Mirage", Evan is recruited to help Fallon get back her publishing company, and Evan's romantic feelings for her grow. However, he later admits to not wanting to be a pawn in her game to win back her former fiancé. Deciding that it is time to move on from Liam, Fallon decides to explore what she has with Evan. This is short-lived, as Fallon reconciles with Liam in "A Used Up Memory" and breaks things off with Evan. Unbeknownst to Fallon, however, Evan steals a clump of her hair from a brush. Evan returns in "Robin Hood Rescues" after a lawsuit is filed against Fallon's company, which he secretly orchestrated in order to come out as Fallon's "hero". Fallon rejects his advances, committed to her love for Liam, and decides they shouldn't see each other anymore.

Kirby's casting was announced in September 2019.[62]


In "Mother? I'm at La Mirage", Cristal hires Nadia (portrayed by Kelli Barrett) as an orientation and mobility instructor for Adam after the loss of his eyesight. Adam initially rejects Nadia's assistance, but that changes once Nadia informs Adam of his stepmother's desire to have him sent away. Adam and Nadia continue to bond throughout "A Used Up Memory" where Nadia assists Adam in his meddling against his sister Fallon while also discovering Blake's updated will, revealing everything has been left to Cristal. Adam is crushed by this revelation, but he and Nadia share a kiss. In "Shoot From the Hip", Nadia assists in luring Cristal away from the manor during Thanksgiving so that Adam can prove to Blake that he is the only one there for his father. Cristal makes it home in time for Thanksgiving dinner and discovers Nadia has been helping Adam when she looks underneath the table and sees them holding hands. After dinner, however, Nadia meets with Fallon where it is revealed she has been paid to make Adam fall in love with her. In "The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial", Cristal plans to fire Nadia only to discover her secretly meeting with Fallon in the gun room. Cristal joins Nadia and Fallon in tricking Adam into believing that Nadia was sleeping with Blake, thus leading Adam to spiral and burn down the family's vineyard. Nadia leaves the manor for good once receiving the rest of the money owed to her by Fallon.

Vanessa DeverauxEdit

In "Mother? I'm at La Mirage", Dominique discovers that her stepdaughter Vanessa (portrayed by Jade Payton) has secured a job as a bartender at Sam's hotel, La Mirage. With Dominique's help, Vanessa drugs Ashanti at the grand opening party and sings in her place. In "A Used Up Memory", Dominique proposes to Fallon and Monica that they sign Vanessa to their music label. Vanessa becomes romantically involved with Michael, which interferes with Dominique's plans for her. Dominique threatens Michael to stay away from Vanessa. He ignores her, and soon figures out that she is Vanessa's stepmother. In "Shoot from the Hip", Michael confronts Dominique and gives her one day to tell Jeff and Monica that Vanessa is their step-sister, or he will. Dominique convinces Blake to give her incriminating information on Michael, which she uses to silence him. Monica begins softening to Dominique and agrees to sign Vanessa to her label. Angry that Dominique is perpetuating the lie and has no intention of confessing, Vanessa reveals to a furious Monica that they are sisters. After Dominique makes a scene in court for publicity in "The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial", Vanessa accepts Monica's invitation to go to New York. Dominique gets Michael drunk and they have sex in "Battle Lines", but Vanessa returns to town and wants to date Michael. Dominique agrees to keep her night with Michael a secret, but she has surreptitiously recorded a video of their encounter on her phone. Michael and Vanessa resume their relationship in "That Wicked Stepmother", but it implodes when Dominique leaks her sex tape with Michael. The subsequent public confrontation with Michael and Vanessa secures Dominique's deal for a reality show. In "Up a Tree", Dominique tells Vanessa they need Michael on their reality show to tell the story properly. He agrees to film some scenes as a peace offering to Vanessa, and she later manipulates him into staying with the show. In "She Cancelled...", Anders shows Michael proof that Dominique and Vanessa are using him for the benefit of their show. The reality show gets cancelled in "Robin Hood Rescues" due to Dominique's outrageous demands, having been tricked into thinking she was being offered a talk show. Michael revels in the two of them having lost everything and breaks up with Vanessa, who then fires Dominique as her manager.

His interest in Dominique's storyline waning, Reed Gaudens of Hidden Remote wrote in his review of "Shoot from the Hip" that "Vanessa found a way to pull me back in when she threw her mother under the bus at Monica's Thanksgiving dinner."[63]

Fletcher MyersEdit

Brought on as a PR consultant for La Mirage in "Shoot From the Hip", Fletcher Myers (portrayed by Daniel Di Tomasso) initially clashes with Sam only for them to share a heated kiss following the resolution of a PR nightmare. Fletcher reappears in "The Caviar, I Trust, Is Not Burned" where he reciprocates feelings for Sam but made a vow to himself to not date clients. Sam solves this issue by firing him. After a mostly physical relationship, "What Sorrows Are You Drowning?" features Sam attempting to get Fletcher to open up more about himself. Michael Culhane hires Fletcher as The Atlantix's full-time PR consultant, and what was originally meant to be a date between Fletcher and Sam turns into a scheme to exposes investors' classism. Following their success, Fletcher comes to understand that Sam needs more than just sex, and so he agrees to be more open. Fletcher is hurt in "A Wound That May Never Heal" when Sam is hesitant to call him his boyfriend; however, Sam later discovers that Fletcher is married. Fletcher explains that he and his husband have an open marriage in "You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White" and convinces Sam to keep seeing him. Realizing that Sam won't let go of the possibility that Fletcher will leave his husband and knowing the heartbreak that will cause, Kirby reaches out to Fletcher and Fletcher ultimately breaks up with Sam.

Showrunner Josh Reims expressed interest in bringing back Fletcher to introduce a possible love triangle between Sam, Fletcher, and Sam's new stripper husband Ryan, a storyline that will potentially play out in the fourth season.[64]

Heidi and ConnorEdit

Heidi (portrayed by Emily Rudd) dated Liam while the two attended school together in Switzerland but learned she was pregnant near the end of their relationship. With Liam expressing no interest in being a father, Heidi agreed to give the child up for adoption, only to change her mind at the last minute and raise her son, Connor (portrayed by John Jackson Hunter), all on her own. Liam remains oblivious of this until Heidi returns ten years later in "You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White", Connor wanting to know his father. Heidi leaves for a job interview in "That Wicked Stepmother", allowing for Connor to spend time with Liam and Fallon. Fallon grows jealous of Connor and schemes to get Heidi a job across the country to keep the two of them away. This backfires, but after Fallon and Liam make amends, they find that Heidi's abandoned Connor. In "Up a Tree", Fallon takes care of Connor while Liam tries to track Heidi down. Fallon grows close with Connor, but Heidi returns from a retreat, full of regret for leaving Connor behind. Heidi informs the couple that she and Connor will be leaving, but Fallon wants to fight for custody. Heidi ultimately reveals in "Is the Next Surgery on the House?" that Connor isn't Liam's son, but rather the son of Liam's deceased father, John Lowdon, and that his mother Laura helped her cover up the truth. Heidi and Connor leave down, but not before Liam promises to visit Connor regularly.


Willy Santiago

Carrington Atlantic employee Willy Santiago (portrayed by Dave Maldonado) is with his friend, Matthew Blaisdel, when Matthew is killed in the aftermath of a suspicious explosion in "I Hardly Recognized You".[6] He drunkenly confronts Cristal about her relationship with Matthew in "Spit It Out", and she fires him publicly to distract the press from the Carringtons' problems.[16] In "Private as a Circus", Willy reaches out to Steven, who arrives to find him dead from an apparent suicide. Stansfield later reveals the existence of a suicide note in which Willy confesses to causing the explosion that killed Matthew.[7] Claudia is revealed to actually be responsible for the explosion in "A Taste of Your Own Medicine".[17]

According to Patrick, Willy is a revised version of Walter Lankershim, a wildcatter who is a friend to Matthew and opposes Blake in the original series.[18]

Aaron Stansfield

Atlanta Police Chief Aaron Stansfield (portrayed by Michael Beach) is a longtime friend of Blake's who tries to help the billionaire in "Spit It Out".[16] He takes Matthew's phone from evidence lockup and gives it to Blake. Steven uses his knowledge of this to coerce Stansfield to clear him of Matthew's death in "Private as a Circus". Following Willy's suicide, Stansfield shows the Carringtons a convenient suicide note that exonerates them from any involvement.[7] In "The Best Things in Life", Stansfield threatens Blake when Steven cuts off his illicit funding. The police chief turns the tables on Steven by revealing that he helped Blake cover up Steven's culpability in the accidental death of an oil rig worker. Stansfield accepts a $5 million payment from Jeff to retire and leave town, to be replaced by Jeff's cousin Bobbi.[23][24]

Kori Rucks

Introduced in "Private as a Circus", Kori Rucks (portrayed by KJ Smith) is an Atlanta councilwoman and former high school classmate of Fallon and Monica. She blocks Fallon in her attempt to secure an energy contract with the city for her new company, and then spends the night with Michael.[7] Their new relationship survives Fallon's jealous meddling in "I Exist Only for Me".[65] Kori rebuffs Fallon's overtures of friendship in "The Best Things in Life", but her relationship with Michael implodes over his lingering feelings for Fallon.[23][24]

Smith was cast in the recurring role in September 2017.[66]

Thomas Carrington

Thomas Carrington (portrayed by Bill Smitrovich) is Blake's estranged father and the grandfather of Fallon and Steven, who arrives to celebrate Christmas in "Rotten Things".[25] Dragging Steven home from his drug-fueled bender in New York with Ted, Thomas criticizes Blake's management of both his company and family, including Fallon's defection to Jeff. Thomas insists that Blake fire Steven. Insensitive to Steven's problems, Thomas is also dismissive to Cristal and her relatives, for whom he only has racist insults. Fallon finally calls him out as being stuck in the past.[26][19] Thomas returns in "Our Turn Now", summoned by Cristal in an attempt to stop Fallon's faux wedding to Jeff, but he soon realizes the necessity of the plot. Thomas reports Sam to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, after which a confrontation with Cesil causes Thomas to have a heart attack. As he dies, he admits to the Carringtons that Blake never had an affair, but was just covering for him.[35] Blake mourns in "Poor Little Rich Girl", and comes across a videotape of Thomas saying that he loves his son. At his funeral, Blake's long absent ex-wife Alexis reappears.[10][11] In "Trashy Little Tramp", Jeff and Monica Colby learn from their grandmother that their mother, Millie, was fathered by Thomas. Alexis informs them that as Thomas' grandchildren, they are entitled to a portion of his shares in Carrington Atlantic.[8] Jeff and Monica reveal their Carrington heritage in "Dead Scratch", and force a vote on a sale of the company.[13][14]

The character was played by Harry Andrews in the 1985 episode "The Will" of the 1980s series.[67]

Rick Morales

Rick Morales (portrayed by J. R. Cacia) is an ambitious reporter and old friend of Cristal's.[68] The Carringtons throw a fundraiser for Senator Paul Daniels (portrayed by Rick Hearst) in "Promises You Can't Keep", and Rick tells Cristal that Blake regularly bribed Daniels when he was a judge. To avoid the truth coming out, Cristal gives Rick an alternative story about Daniels' many extramarital affairs.[40] In "Nothing But Trouble", Cristal arranges for Rick to interview Steven, who is running for city council. A grateful Cristal kisses Rick.[32][33] Blake discovers that Rick is working with Jeff in "The Gospel According to Blake Carrington", and insists that Cristal get as close to Rick as possible to find out what Jeff is up to, though she refuses.[34] In "Our Turn Now", Blake arranges for Rick to get a lucrative new job out of state.[35]

Mark Jennings

In "A Champagne Mood", Cristal texts "M. Jennings" that her baby is Blake's and not his, but she is not actually sure. Cristal confesses to Fallon in "The Sight of You" that her ex-husband Mark Jennings (portrayed by Damon Dayoub) may be the father of her child. In "Filthy Games", Alexis learns that Cristal is unsure about the baby's paternity, and makes sure Blake finds out. When Alexis learns that Cristal's ex-husband Mark is the other potential father, she calls him. Mark (portrayed by Damon Dayoub) comes to Atlanta in "Even Worms Can Procreate", and Alexis tries to convince him that the baby is his. Mark shows up at the manor to get the truth from Cristal, and Blake—who wants to raise the baby as his own no matter what the paternity test results are—asks Mark to stay with the Carringtons until the test results come back. Alexis tells Mark that Cristal is still in love with him, and he and Cristal have a tender moment. Blake sees them together, and offers to have Mark's ban from professional soccer lifted if Mark leaves town. Cristal learns that the baby is Blake's. A distraught Alexis plans to commit suicide, but sees Cristal and Mark horseback riding and fires at Cristal instead. Mark takes the bullet and dies, and Cristal's frightened horse throws her.

Trixie Tate

Beatrice "Trixie" Tate (portrayed by Jessica Goei) was a friend of Fallon's when they were both teenagers. In "Deception, Jealousy, and Lies", it is revealed that years prior, Fallon got into a fight with a drunken Trixie and that she fell over the balcony at the Carrington Manor. Anders told Fallon he would take care of the situation, and Fallon, not wanting to know any more details, let herself believe that Trixie had run away. Anders and Blake then hid Trixie's body in the Carringtons' lake, only for it to be found years later. While the police investigate the Carringtons in "Guilt Trip to Alaska", Fallon finds herself hallucinating Trixie. In order to rid herself of guilt and the hallucinations, Fallon founds a charity in Trixie's honor and pins her death on Blake's former hit-man, Nathan Macintosh.

Caleb Collins

Cristal meets Father Caleb Collins (portrayed by Wil Traval) in "Is the Next Surgery on the House?" when trying to get her new veterans clinic off the ground, needing the approval of the hospital's chaplain, but a bad first encounter jeopardizes her plans. Cristal gets through to Caleb, however, and he confesses that he was simply flirting during their original meeting. In "She Cancelled...", Caleb winds up caught in the middle of Cristal's feud with her stepson, Adam. After a heated confrontation, the two embrace in a kiss, which Adam sees from a window. Cristal regrets kissing Caleb in "You Make Being a Priest Sound Like Something Bad", but soon learns that Blake cheated on her with Laura Van Kirk. As a result, Cristal ends up sleeping with Caleb. Cristal both leaves Blake and breaks things off with Caleb in "Robin Hood Rescues".


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