List of cadet colleges in Bangladesh

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The following is the list of cadet colleges located in Bangladesh.

Cadet College is a residential special school-cum-college established in East Pakistan, present day Bangladesh on the model of English public schools. It was put under the direct management and supervision of the armed forces of the country and military education was made compulsory in it. After liberation of Bangladesh, The Cadet Colleges Order (PO 89) of 1972 issued guidelines for restructuring the councils and governing bodies of the cadet colleges. According to new provisions, the Education Minister became the ex-officio chairman of the council and the divisional commissioner the chairman of the governing body. The Cadet College Act 1973 brought some changes in the provisions.

The two management bodies of the cadet colleges were further restructured and were placed under direct control of the Ministry of Defence. There have been periodic changes in the management structure because of changes in the government, but the basic principles have so far remained undisturbed. At present, the Adjutant General of the Bangladesh Army Acts, as the chairman of the governing bodies of all cadet colleges and the Defence Secretary is the highest authority in all matters relating to their funding and operation.

No. Name Location Division Area (acre) Established
01 Faujdarhat Cadet College Faujdarhat,Chittagong Chittagong 185 1958
02 Jhenaidah Cadet College Jhenaidah Khulna 103 1963
03 Mirzapur Cadet College Mirzapur, Tangail Dhaka 95 1963
04 Rajshahi Cadet College Sardah, Rajshahi Rajshahi 110 1965
05 Sylhet Cadet College Sylhet Sylhet 52.37 1978
06 Rangpur Cadet College Alamnagar, Rangpur Rangpur 37 1979
07 Barisal Cadet College Rahmatpur, Barisal Barisal 50 1981
08 Pabna Cadet College Pabna Rajshahi 38 1981
09 Mymensingh Girls Cadet College Mymensingh Mymensingh 23 1983
10 Comilla Cadet College Kotbari, Comilla Chittagong 52 1983
11 Feni Girls Cadet College Feni Chittagong 49.5 2006
12 Joypurhat Girls Cadet College Joypurhat Rajshahi 57 2006

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