CFR Arad

CFR Arad was a football club based in Arad, Romania, founded in 1921.

CFR Arad
Full nameCFR Arad
Short nameCFR
GroundCFR Stadium


The club was born in 1921, and just after one year they merged with CS Gloria Arad, a team founded in 1913. Under the name Gloria CFR Arad they have the best performances inclusive a second place in Divizia A 1929–30.

But in 1934, after just 12 years the club fell apart in CS Gloria Arad and CFR Arad. The separation was not propitious for CFR Arad who start playing again in lower divisions, while CS Gloria Arad lived her glory years in Romanian First League.

They changed several names in the next years, till 1973 when they decide to merge again, this time with Vagonul Arad, under the name of Unirea Arad between 1973–1974 and Rapid Arad between 1974–1978. In 1978 they again separate of the main team and play as CFR Arad in Liga III.

The team was dissolved in 1985. [1][2]

Chronology of namesEdit

Name [3] Period
CFR Arad 1921–1922
Gloria CFR Arad 1922–1934
CFR Arad 1934–1940
Crişana CFR Arad 1940–1942
1 1942–1946
CFR Arad 1946–1950
Locomotiva Arad 1950–1958
CFR Arad 1958–1973
Unirea Arad 1973–1974
Rapid Arad 1974–1978
CFR Arad 1978–1985

1 Football competitions suspended due to World War II.
Italics – Names of the team under the mergers.
Bold – Names of the team along the history.


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