Bulgoksan (Seongnam/Gwangju)

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Bulgoksan is a mountain in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Its area extends over the cities of Seongnam and Gwangju. Bulgoksan has an elevation of 345 m (1,132 ft).[1] The mountain shares a name with another mountain in the Gyeonggi-do near Yangju.

Bulgoksan is located in South Korea
Highest point
Elevation345 m (1,132 ft)
Coordinates37°20′36″N 127°08′27″E / 37.3432°N 127.1407°E / 37.3432; 127.1407Coordinates: 37°20′36″N 127°08′27″E / 37.3432°N 127.1407°E / 37.3432; 127.1407
LocationBetween Seongnam Gyeonggi-do and Gwangju,  South Korea
Korean name
Revised RomanizationBulgoksan

Mt. Bulgok serves as a public recreation area at the southernmost part of the Seongnam green belt between Jeongja-dong and Gumi-dong. It also hosts hang gliding take-off runs in the Southwest and Northeast.

Mt. Bulgok is designated trail with Mt. Youngjang by Seongnam. Its peak is near to Sunae, Jeongja, Gumi-dong. Mt. Bulgok is loved by the citizens of Budang.[2]

To the north, Bulgoksan Mountain passes Taehyeon and Saemaul Pass by Taehyeon and Saemaul Pass, and leads to Neungnae Pass and Galmachi Pass, and Namhansansan Island. To the south, it passed the Danggogae in Bucheon, followed by Seongnae-eup in Seongnam, Gwangju, and Sunjeong-gu in Yongin.

The hiking begins in Sunae-dong, Jeongja-dong, and Gumi. Starting in Jeongja-dong, people go to Bukjeong High School and the water station to climb the ridge and then follow Namgeung-dong. There is also a course of origin that connects to the Munjeongsan Mountain in Opo-myeon. On the top of the mountain can be seen a new town in Bundang, Yongin, and Jukjeon, and the natural ecosystem is well preserved, and a dense forest is abundant, creating a new view of Chunghyak-dong.[3]

Handed down StoryEdit

There is a story that the name of mountain is named Bulgok because there was a temple in the mountain. Jeongja-dong residents considered this mountain holy. They had a ritual they performed for the mountain spirit. Because of this the mountain is also called as Mt.Seongduck or Mt. HyoJong.[4] (In Hanja, "seong" means holy and "duck" means virtue.)

Hiking Course InformationEdit

Mt.Bulgok's hiking course is 5.6 km long and requires about 2 and a half hours to complete. It has many rest areas and athletic facilities. This includes 129 rest and meditation spots. The Songnam locals make use of the mountain often because of the easy access from the city itself.

You are able to climb the mountain from Sunae, Buljeong, Jeongja, Gumi. The paths that are connected behind the Korea Land and Housing Corporation is tough with high, rocky slopes.[5]

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