Bulgarian Scenthound

The Bulgarian Scenthound (Bulgarian: българско гонче, balgarsko gonche) is a dog breed from Bulgaria.[1][2][3] It originated in the Ludogorie region of northern Bulgaria, and is the most widely distributed smooth-haired hunting dog in Bulgaria.[1] It is a non-standardised breed but conforms to hound body morphology.[2]

Bulgarian Scenthound
Balgarsko Gonche
Bulgarsko gonche.jpg
A Bulgarian Scenthound
Other namesBicolor hound or Ludogorsko gonche[1]
Height Dogs 49-58 cm[2]
Bitches 47-58 cm[2]
Kennel club standards
BRFK standard
Dog (domestic dog)

The native breeds of the Balkans that are its closest relatives are the Greek Harehound, Serbian Hound, and the Transylvanian Hound.[1]

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