Bukit Bendera, Brunei

Bukit Bendera is a populated area in Tutong, the town of Tutong District, Brunei. It is officially a village-level subdivision under the mukim or subdistrict of Pekan Tutong,[1] as well as a designated postcode area with the postcode TA1341.[2] Parts of Bukit Bendera area is also under the spatial jurisdiction of Tutong Municipal Department, the municipal body of the town.[3]

Bukit Bendera
Bukit Bendera, Brunei is located in Brunei
Bukit Bendera, Brunei
Location in Brunei
Coordinates: 4°48′47″N 114°39′38″E / 4.813176°N 114.660645°E / 4.813176; 114.660645Coordinates: 4°48′47″N 114°39′38″E / 4.813176°N 114.660645°E / 4.813176; 114.660645
MukimPekan Tutong


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