Villages of Brunei

A village (Malay: kampung, sometimes spelt as kampong) is the third and lowest administrative division of Brunei. It is headed by a village head (Malay: ketua kampung, also ketua kampong). Villages are subdivisions of the subdistricts (mukim) of Brunei. A village may have a population ranging from a few hundreds to less than ten thousand people.

The villages of melilas

Belait District[edit]Edit

Melilas Mukim[edit]Edit

Seria Mukim[edit]Edit

In the Badas area:

Sukang Mukim[edit]Edit

  • Kampong Apak-Apak
  • Kampong Saud
  • Kampong Buau
  • Kampong Kukup
  • Kampong Sukang
  • Kampong Dungun
  • Kampong Ambawang
  • Kampong Biadong Tengah
  • Kampong Biadong Ulu

Liang Mukim[edit]Edit

  • Andulau Forest Reserve
  • Agis-Agis
  • Keluyoh
  • Lilas
  • Lumut
  • Lumut Camp
  • Lumut National Housing Area 1
  • Lumut National Housing Area 2
  • Lumut Tersusun
  • Perumpong
  • Sungai Bakong
  • Sungai Gana
  • Sungai Kang
  • Sungai Kuru
  • Sungai Lalit
  • Sungai Liang
  • Sungai Tali
  • Sungai Taring
  • Skim Tanah Kurnia Rakyat Jati Lumut
  • Tunggulian

Labi Mukim[edit]Edit

Kuala Belait Mukim[edit]Edit

  • Kampong Pekan Belait
  • Kampong Melayu Asli
  • Kampong Melayu Baru
  • Kampong China
  • Kampong Temenggong
  • Kampong Lubok Palam
  • Kampong Sungai
  • Pekan Kuala Belait

Kuala Balai[edit]Edit

Bukit Sawat Mukim[edit]Edit

Brunei Muara District[edit]Edit

Berakas A[edit]Edit

Berakas B[edit]Edit

Burong Pingai Ayer Mukim[edit]Edit

  • Kampong Burong Pingai Ayer
  • Kampong Lurong Dalam
  • Kampong Pandai Besi 'A'
  • Kampong Pandai Besi 'B'
  • Kampong Sungai Pandan 'A'
  • Kampong Sungai Pandan 'B
  • Kampong Pg. Setia Negara
  • Kampong Pekan Lama
  • Kampong Sungai Asam

Gadong A Mukim[edit]Edit

Gadong B Mukim[edit]Edit

Kianggeh Mukim[edit]Edit

Kilanas Mukim[edit]Edit

Kota Batu Mukim[edit]Edit

Lumapas Mukim[edit]Edit

  • Kupang
  • Putat
  • Pengkalan Batang
  • Kasat
  • Buang Sakar
  • Tarap Bau
  • Bukit Merikan
  • Lupak Luas
  • Sungai Asam
  • Buang Tekurok
  • Sengkirap (formerly part of Buang Tekurok)
  • Lumapas 'A'
  • Lumapas 'B'
  • Pancur
  • Kilugus

Mentiri Mukim[edit]Edit

Pangklan Batu Mukim[edit]Edit

Peramu Mukim[edit]Edit

Sengkurong Mukim[edit]Edit

Serasa Mukim[edit]Edit

Sungai Kebun Mukim[edit]Edit

  • Kampong Bolkiah 'A'
  • Kampong Bolkiah 'B'
  • Kampong Setia 'A'
  • Kampong Setia 'B'
  • Kampong Sungai Siamas
  • Kampong Ujong Kelinik
  • Kampong Sungai Kebun

Sungai Kedaian[edit]Edit

  • Kampong Sumbiling Lama (Ayer)
  • Kampong Bukit Salat
  • Kampong Sungai Kedayan 'B'
  • Kampong Sungai Kedayan 'A'
  • Kampong Ujong Tanjong
  • Kampong Kuala Peminyak
  • Kampong Pemancha lama

Tamoi Mukim[edit]Edit

Temburong District[edit]Edit

Amo Mukim[edit]Edit

Bangar Mukim[edit]Edit

  • Pekan Bangar Lama
  • Pekan Bangar Baru
  • Perkemahan Bangar
  • Kampong Menengah
  • Kampong Sungai Sulok
  • Kampong Sungai Tanit
  • Kampong Sungai Tanam
  • Kampong Balayang
  • Kampong Semamang
  • Kampong Buang Bulan
  • Kampong Belingus
  • Kampong Batang Tuau
  • Kampong Seri Tanjong Belayang
  • Kampong Puni
  • Kampong Ujong Jalan

Batu Apoi Mukim[edit]Edit

  • Kampong Batu Apoi
  • Kampong Sungai Radang
  • Kampong Peliunan
  • Kampong Sungai Bantaian
  • Kampong Gadong Baru
  • Kampong Luagan
  • Kampong Negalang Iring
  • Kampong Negalang Unat
  • Kampong Lakiun
  • Kampong Tanjong Bungar
  • Kampong Lamaling
  • Kampong Selapon
  • Kampong Sekurop

Bokok Mukim[edit]Edit

  • Kampong Buda-Buda
  • Kampong Belais
  • Kampong Belais Kecil
  • Kampong Paya Bagangan
  • Kampong Bokok
  • Kampong Meniup
  • Kampong Bakarut
  • Kampong Simbatang
  • Kampong Rataie
  • Kampong Perpindahan Rataie
  • Kampong Rakyat Jati
  • Kampong Kenua
  • Kampong Lepong Baru
  • Kampong Lepong Lama
  • Kampong Semabat Bahagia
  • Kampong Semabat
  • Kampong Temada

Labu Mukim[edit]Edit

  • Kampong Labu Estate
  • Kampong Senukoh
  • Kampong Piasau-Piasau
  • Kampong Payau
  • Kampong Ayam-Ayam

Tutong District[edit]Edit

Keriam Mukim[edit]Edit

Kiudang Mukim[edit]Edit

Lamunin Mukim[edit]Edit

  • Bintudoh
  • Biong
  • Bukit Bang Dalam
  • Bukit Barun
  • Bukit Sulang
  • Kuala Abang
  • Lamunin
  • Layong
  • Menengah
  • Panchong

Pekan Tutong Mukim[edit]Edit

Rambai Mukim[edit]Edit

  • Kampong Rambai
  • Kampong Merimbun
  • Kampong Kuala Ungar
  • Kampong Benutan
  • Kampong Batang Piton
  • Kampong Sengkowang
  • Kampong Pelajau
  • Kampong Kerancing
  • Kampong Belaban
  • Kampong Mapol
  • Kampong Supon Besar
  • Kampong Supon Kecil
  • Kampong Takalit
  • Kampong Lalipo
  • Kampong Bedawan
  • Kampong Belabau

Tanjong Maya Mukim[edit]Edit

Telisai Mukim[edit]Edit

Ukong Mukim[edit]Edit

  • Kampong Ukong
  • Kampong Pengkalan Ran
  • Kampong Pengkalan Dong
  • Kampong Tong Kundai
  • Kampong Nong Anggeh
  • Kampong Sungai Damit Ulu
  • Kampong Piton nambang
  • Kampong Bang Pangan
  • Kampong Pak Meligai
  • Kampong Pak Bidang
  • Kampong Bukit
  • Kampong Pengkalan Panchor
  • Kampong Talat
  • Kampong Melaboi
  • Kampong Pengkalan Padang
  • Kampong Bang Ligi
  • Kampong Litad
  • Kampong Bang Bingol
  • Kampong Long Mayan


Map of Brunei Areas

Village subdivisions are the third-level administrative divisions of Brunei, thus they are immediately below the subdistricts (Malay: mukim). Both villages and subdistricts are part of the Government of Brunei, and they are administered as part of the Subdistricts and Villages Institution () under the District Offices of the respective districts that they belong.[1][2][3][4]

A village is headed by a village head (Malay: ketua kampung, also ketua kampong), who may be appointed by the government or elected by the village population.[5] Always a male, he shall then be in office for up to ten years.[5]

A village may also have a Village Consultative Council (Malay: Majlis Perundingan Kampung), the local equivalent of community association. A key outcome of the council is One Village One Product (Malay: Satu Kampung Satu Produk, abbreviated as 1K1P), which promotes local goods produced in the village.[6]


A typical Bruneian village may have basic socio-economic infrastructures which are similar to other villages elsewhere but may also be unique to Brunei or countries which have predominantly Islamic Malay culture. For communal purposes, there may be a balai raya or dewan kemasyarakatan, the local equivalent of a community centre. A Bruneian village typically has a primary school. Because the majority of Brunei's population is Muslims, many villages have mosques, particularly serving the need of Jumu'ah or congregational Friday prayers, as well as a religious primary school for its resident Muslim pupils. There are also at least a grocery store present in many villages, as well as a few other miscellaneous shops such as eateries, tailors, and barbers or salons.


A village may have population ranging from hundreds to less than ten thousand people. Also, not all of the socio-economic amenities are present in every village. Some villages do not have primary and/or religious primary school – prospective resident pupils go to the schools in nearby villages. Some village subdivisions are simply designated public housing areas but having the population size comparable to a village. Other villages, especially in the more urban areas, may be large enough to function socio-economically as towns but without any municipal body. Several villages may also be part of municipal areas of Bandar Seri Begawan and other district towns, thus the populaces may also be subjected under the jurisdiction of respective municipal departments.

Kampong AyerEdit

Even though Kampong Ayer has the term 'kampong' in its name, it is not officially a village subdivision. In fact, Kampong Ayer is made up of several villages constituting a few subdistricts.

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