The Breda Tower (Italian: Torre Breda) is a 30-storey, 117 m (384 ft) skyscraper in Milan, Italy. The tower was built in 1954 on a design by architects Eugenio and Ermenegildo Soncini, with Luigi Mattioni.[4] The eight floors of the lower body are devoted exclusively to offices, while the rest of the building houses residential apartments. The building is currently under restyling.

Breda Tower
Torre Breda (Italian)
Breda Tower in Milan
Alternative namesin early years: Grattacielo di Milano
General information
TypeCommercial offices
Architectural styleInternational Style
LocationPiazza della Repubblica
Milan, Italy
Coordinates45°29′05″N 9°12′05″E / 45.48472°N 9.20139°E / 45.48472; 9.20139
Roof117 m (384 ft)
Technical details
Floor count30
Design and construction
Architect(s)Luigi Mattioni
Tower in 1959

Torre Breda was the highest building in Italy when constructed, until 1960 when the 127 m (417 ft) Pirelli Tower was completed. It is now the fifth tallest building in Milan and the 13th in Italy.

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