Brabant is a historical region in the Low Countries of Europe. It may refer to:

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  • Landgraviate of Brabant (1085–1183), a medieval county west of Brussels, a small part of the Frankish pagus of Brabant including the rivers Zender, Senne and Dijle, became part of the larger Duchy of Brabant in 1183
  • Duchy of Brabant (1183–1795), a region of the Holy Roman Empire; a duchy (1183–1556), part of Burgundian Netherlands (1430–1482); under Habsburg rule as Spanish Netherlands (1482–1581) and Austrian Netherlands (1581–1795), French Republic (1795–1814)
  • South Brabant (1815–1830), part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, became part of Belgium in 1830 along with Central Brabant (Antwerp province)
  • Province of Brabant (1830–1995), central province of Belgium (during that time the only Belgian province with only internal Belgian borders), with Brussels as main city

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