Brabant is a traditional geographical region (or regions) in the Low Countries of Europe. It may refer to:

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Historical useEdit

  • Pagus of Brabant, the original, early medieval territory, divided between several counts, core of the later Landgraviate
  • Landgraviate of Brabant (1085–1183), an expansive medieval lordship including Brussels, core of the later Duchy
  • Duchy of Brabant, a duchy of the Holy Roman Empire from 1183 until the French Revolution, by which time the northern half was lost to the Dutch Republic
  • Staats-Brabant, a territory of the Dutch Republic directly governed by the States-General from 1588 until the French Revolution
  • Département of Brabant, a département under various forms of French control, formed from an earlier French Département of the Dommel, and predecessor of modern North Brabant.
  • Province of Brabant (called South Brabant, 1815–1830), part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, based on earlier French département of the Dyle, became part of Belgium in 1830, now divided into three parts (see above)

Royalty and nobilityEdit

  • The first House of Brabant, a branch of the noble Reginarid family of Lotharingia
  • Duke of Brabant, a dynastic title of the modern Belgian royal family

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