Boxing at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Light heavyweight

The Light Heavyweight class in the boxing at the 1996 Summer Olympics competition was the third-heaviest class at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. The weight class was open for boxers weighing more than 81 kilograms. The competition in the Alexander Memorial Coliseum started on 1996-07-20 and ended on 1996-08-04.[1]

Light heavyweight boxing
at the Games of the XXVI Olympiad
VenueAlexander Memorial Coliseum
Dates24 July – 4 August
Competitors31 from 31 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Vassili Jirov  Kazakhstan
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Seung-Bae Lee  South Korea
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Antonio Tarver  United States
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Thomas Ulrich  Germany
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Gold Vassili Jirov
Silver Seung-Bae Lee
  South Korea
Bronze Antonio Tarver
  United States
Thomas Ulrich


Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
  David Kowah (SLE) 2:43
  Dmitri Vybornov (RUS) 2   Antonio Tarver (USA) RSC-1
  Antonio Tarver (USA) 5   Antonio Tarver (USA) RSCH-1
  Gabriel Hernández (DOM) 11   Enrique Flores (PUR) 1:54
  Sybrand Botes (RSA) 16   Sybrand Boted (RSA) 7
  Gurcharn Singh (IND) 7   Enrique Flores (PUR) 16
  Enrique Flores (PUR) 15   Antonio Tarver (USA) 9
  Troy Amos-Ross (CAN) KO-3   Vassili Jirov (KAZ) 15
  Roland Raforme (SEY) 2:16   Troy Amos-Ross (CAN) 7
  Peter Odhiambo (KEN) 6   Paul Mbongo (CMR) 3
  Paul Mbongo (CMR) 15   Troy Amos-Ross (CAN) 8
  Vassili Jirov (KAZ) RSC-2   Vassili Jirov (KAZ) 14
  Julio González (MEX) 2:10   Vassili Jirov (KAZ) 18
  Pietro Aurino (ITA) 15   Pietro Aurino (ITA) 13
  Yusuf Öztürk (TUR) 7   Vassili Jirov (KAZ) 17
  Adnan Khaddour (SYR) 4   Lee Seung-Bae (KOR) 4
  Daniel Bispo Jr. (BRA) 9   Daniel Bispo Jr. (BRA) RSCH-1
  Ayoub Pourtaghi (IRI) 9   Jean-Louis Mandengue (FRA) 1:50
  Jean-Louis Mandengue (FRA) 21   Daniel Bispo Jr. (BRA) 7
  Ismael Koné (SWE) 22   Thomas Ulrich (GER) 14
  İlham Kərimov (AZE) 3   Ismael Koné (SWE) 9
  Rick Timperi (AUS) 7   Thomas Ulrich (GER) 24
  Thomas Ulrich (GER) 21   Thomas Ulrich (GER) 8
  John Douglas (GUY) 2:52   Lee Seung-Bae (KOR) 12
  Stipe Drviš (CRO) RSC-2   Stipe Drviš (CRO) 10
  Rostislav Zaoulitchni (UKR) 3   Timur Ibragimov (UZB) 9
  Timur Ibragimov (UZB) 7   Stipe Drviš (CRO) 11
  Samuela Leuii (SAM) 0   Lee Seung-Bae (KOR) 14
  Lee Seung-Bae (KOR) 14   Lee Seung-Bae (KOR) 13
  Mohamed Mahmoud (EGY) 9   Freddy Rojas (CUB) 9
  Freddy Rojas (CUB) 20


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