Boxing at the 1972 Summer Olympics – Lightweight

The men's lightweight event was part of the boxing programme at the 1972 Summer Olympics. The weight class allowed boxers of up to 60 kilograms to compete. The competition was held from 27 August to 10 September 1972. 37 boxers from 37 nations competed.[1]

Lightweight boxing
at the Games of the XX Olympiad
VenueBoxing Hall, Munich
Dates27 August – 10 September
Competitors37 from 37 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Jan Szczepański  Poland
2nd place, silver medalist(s) László Orbán  Hungary
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Samuel Mbugua  Kenya
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Alfonso Pérez  Colombia
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Gold Jan Szczepański
Silver László Orbán
Bronze Samuel Mbugua
Bronze Alfonso Pérez


The following boxers took part in the event:[1]

Rank Name Country
1 Jan Szczepański   Poland
2 László Orbán   Hungary
3T Samuel Mbugua   Kenya
3T Alfonso Pérez   Colombia
5T Charlie Nash   Ireland
5T Sven Erik Paulsen   Norway
5T Eraslan Doruk   Turkey
5T Kim Tae-ho   South Korea
9T Antonio Gin   Mexico
9T James Busceme   United States
9T Peter Hess   West Germany
9T Muniswamy Venu   India
9T Karel Kašpar   Czechoslovakia
9T Khaidavyn Altankhuyag   Mongolia
9T Antoniu Vasile   Romania
9T Ivan Mikhaylov   Bulgaria
17T Erik Madsen   Denmark
17T Courtney Atherly   Guyana
17T Kasamiro Kashri Marchlo   Sudan
17T Vichit Praianan   Thailand
17T Enrique Regüeiferos   Cuba
17T Gennady Dobrokhotov   Soviet Union
17T Girmaye Gabre   Ethiopia
17T Neville Cole   Great Britain
17T Tatu Chionga   Malawi
17T Peter Odhiambo   Uganda
17T Antonio Comaschi   Argentina
17T Luis Rodríguez   Venezuela
17T Adeyemi Abayomi   Nigeria
17T Guitry Bananier   France
17T Gianbattista Capretti   Italy
17T Hassan Eghmaz   Iran
33T Luis Davila   Puerto Rico
33T Mohamed Sourour   Morocco
33T Jose Martinez   Canada
33T Roy Hurdley   Panama
33T Abdel Hadj Khallaf Allah   Egypt

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