Boxing at the 1968 Summer Olympics – Lightweight

The Lightweight class in the boxing competition was the fifth-lowest weight class. Lightweights were limited to those boxers weighing a maximum of 60 kilograms (132.3 lbs). 37 boxers qualified for this category. Like all Olympic boxing events, the competition was a straight single-elimination tournament. Both semifinal losers were awarded bronze medals, so no boxers competed again after their first loss. Bouts consisted of six rounds each. Five judges scored each bout.[1]


Gold Ronnie Harris
  United States
Silver Józef Grudzień
Bronze Zvonimir Vujin
Calistrat Cuțov


Date Round
Sunday, October 13, 1968 First round
Thursday, October 17, 1968 Second round
Sunday, October 20, 1968 Third round
Wednesday, October 23, 1968 Quarterfinals
Thursday, October 24, 1968 Semifinals
Saturday, October 26, 1968 Final Bout



Semifinals Final
  Ronnie Harris (USA) 5
  Calistrat Cuțov (ROU) 0   Ronnie Harris (USA) 5
  Zvonimir Vujin (YUG) 0   Józef Grudzień (POL) 0
  Józef Grudzień (POL) 5

Top HalfEdit

First round Second round Third round Quarterfinals Final
  Stoiane Pilitchev (BUL) 5
  Bayu Ayele (ETH) 0
  Stoiane Pilitchev (BUL) 4
  Antonio Durán (MEX) 1
  Antonio Durán (MEX) RSC
  Dominique Azzaro (FRA)
  Stoiane Pilitchev (BUL) 1
  Calistrat Cuțov (ROU) 4
  Calistrat Cuțov (ROU) 5
  Erik Nikkinen (FIN) 0
  Calistrat Cuțov (ROU) 5
  Mongi Landhili (TUN) 0
  Mongi Landhili (TUN) 5
  Alfonso Molina (NCA) 0
  Ronnie Harris (USA) 5
  Calistrat Cuțov (ROU) 0
  Ronnie Harris (USA) 5
  Lee Chang-gil (KOR) 0
  Ronnie Harris (USA) 4
  John Stracey (GBR) 1
  John Stracey (GBR) 3
  Marvin Arneson (CAN) 2
  Ronnie Harris (USA) 5
  Mohamed Muruli (UGA) 0
  Mohamed Muruli (UGA) 5
  Luis Muñoz (CHI) 0
  Mohamed Muruli (UGA) 4
  Armando Mendoza (VEN) 1
  Armando Mendoza (VEN) RSC
  Ramón Puello (DOM)

Bottom HalfEdit

First round Second round Third round Quarterfinals Semifinals
  Luis Minami (PER) KO-2
  Tin Tun (BIR)
  Luis Minami (PER) 3
  Yeter Sevimli (TUR) 2
  Yeter Sevimlı (TUR)
  Juan Rivero (URU) DSQ
  Luis Minami (PER) 0
  Zvonimir Vujin (YUG) 4
  Valery Belousov (URS) RSC
  László Gula (HUN)
  Valery Belousov (URS) 0
  Zvonimir Vujin (YUG) 5
  Zvonimir Vujin (YUG) 3
  Peter Rieger (GDR) 2
  Zvonimir Vujin (YUG) 0
  Józef Grudzień (POL) 5
  Anthony Quinn (IRL) KO-1
  Inoua Bodia (CMR)
  Anthony Quinn (IRL) 1
  Józef Grudzień (POL) 4
  Roberto Caminero (CUB) 0
  Józef Grudzień (POL) 5   Józef Grudzień (POL) 5
  Ho Su-lung (TPE) 0   Józef Grudzień (POL) 5
  Dele Jonathan (NGR) 5   Enzo Petriglia (ITA) 0
  Marcos Chinea (ESP) 0   Dele Jonathan (NGR) 0
  Enzo Petriglia (ITA) 3   Enzo Petriglia (ITA) 5
  Joe Martey (GHA) 2   Enzo Petriglia (ITA) 3
  Abdel Sheed (SUD) 5   Pedro Agüero (ARG) 2
  Eugenio Febus (PUR) 0   Abdel Sheed (SUD) 0
  Pedro Agüero (ARG) 3   Pedro Agüero (ARG) 5
  Rodolfo Arpón (PHI) 2


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