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Boxing at the 1936 Summer Olympics – Light heavyweight

The men's light heavyweight event was part of the boxing programme at the 1936 Summer Olympics. The weight class was the second-heaviest contested, and allowed boxers of up to 175 pounds (79.4 kilograms). The competition was held from Monday, August 10, 1936 to Saturday, August 15, 1936. Twenty-one boxers from 21 nations competed.[1]



Round of 32
August 10
Round of 16
August 11
August 13
August 14
August 15
  Francisco Risiglione (ARG)
Bye   Risiglione (ARG) PTS
  Jean-Pierre Graser (LUX)   Graser (LUX) L
Bye   Risiglione (ARG) PTS
  Thomas Griffin (GBR)   Griffin (GBR) L
Bye   Griffin (GBR) PTS
  Antonio Adipe (URU)   Adipe (URU) L
Bye   Risiglione (ARG) L
  Hannes Koivunen (FIN)   Vogt (GER) PTS
Bye   Koivunen (FIN) PTS
  Oliver Shanks (CAN)   Shanks (CAN) L
Bye   Koivunen (FIN) L
  Richard Vogt (GER)   Vogt (GER) PTS
Bye   Vogt (GER) PTS
  Erminio Bolzan (ITA)   Bolzan (ITA) L
Bye   Vogt (GER) L
  Roger Michelot (FRA)   Michelot (FRA) PTS
Bye   Michelot (FRA)
  Michelot (FRA) PTS
  Børge Holm (DEN) PTS   Holm (DEN) L
  Paul Schweifer (AUT) L   Holm (DEN) PTS
  Wim Fock (NED) PTS   Fock (NED) L
  Wang Yunlan (ROC) L   Michelot (FRA) PTS Bronze medal bout
  Leslie Harley (AUS) PTS   Leibbrandt (RSA) L
  Walter van Bueren (SUI) L   Harley (AUS) L   Risiglione (ARG) wo
  František Havelka (TCH) PTS   Havelka (TCH) PTS   Leibbrandt (RSA) -
  Pol Goffaux (BEL) L   Havelka (TCH) L
  Robey Leibbrandt (RSA) PTS   Leibbrandt (RSA) PTS
  Jarl Johnsen (NOR) L   Leibbrandt (RSA) PTS
  Mohammed Amin (EGY) PTS   Amin (EGY) L
  Carl Vinciquerra (USA) L


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