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The Bornay Mosque (Cyrillic: Bornay məçete, Борнай мәчете; former The Third Cathedral Mosque), also spelled Burnayevskaya Mosque (Russian: Бурна́евская мечеть) is a mosque in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia.

Bornay Mosque
Kazan Burnay Mosque 08-2016.jpg
The minaret of the Bornay Mosque
Basic information
Location Russia Kazan, Russia
Geographic coordinates 55°46′29″N 49°07′01″E / 55.77472°N 49.11694°E / 55.77472; 49.11694Coordinates: 55°46′29″N 49°07′01″E / 55.77472°N 49.11694°E / 55.77472; 49.11694
Affiliation Islam
District  Tatarstan
Country Russia
Status Active
Architectural description
Architect(s) Pyotr Ivanovich Romanov
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style National Romance Eclecticism
Completed 1872
Minaret(s) 1
Materials Red brick


Its constructing was donated by Möxämmätsadíq Bornayıv and realized by project of Pyotr Ivanovich Romanov in 1872. The architectural style is national romance eclecticism. The minaret was built in 1895. Believed, that the project of the minaret was elaborated by Fyodor Nikolayevich Malinovsky. The mosque has a minaret over the door, one hall, it is one-storied and is made of red bricks. The interior is designed in the medieval Tatar and Russian traditions. In 1930-1994 Bornay Mosque was out of service due to the Soviet authorities and in 1994 it was returned to the believers.

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