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The Bordered Blue Banner was one of the Eight Banners of the Manchu Qing dynasty military. It was one of the lower five banners. According to the general annals of the Eight Banners, the Bordered Blue Banner was one of the banners located on the south right wing (Blue banners are located southward, the Plain Blue Banner being on the south left wing).[1]

Bordered Blue Banner
Bordered Blue Banner.svg
Flag of the Bordered Blue Banner
Active1615 – 1911
Country Qing dynasty
Typecavalry, musketeers
Part ofEight Banners

This banner was commanded by Prince Zheng, the lineage of Šurhaci and his son Jirgalang. By the blood of its commanders the Bordered Blue Banner was the remotest banner out of the Eight Banners; as all the other banners were ruled by descendants of Nurhaci.[2] Due to its genealogical status, this banner was usually seen as the last banner of the Eight Banners although there were no concrete laws to officially acknowledge this status.

Some parts of Haixi Jurchens were incorporated into this banner after the defeat of the Haixi Jurchens by Jianzhou Jurchens.[3]


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