Bobbili Yuddham

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Bobbili Yuddham (transl. Battle of Bobbili) is a 1964 Indian Telugu-language war film, based on the Battle of Bobbili between Bobbili and Vizianagaram kingdoms in 1757. The film was produced and directed by C. Seetaram. It stars N. T. Rama Rao, Bhanumathi Ramakrishna, S.V. Ranga Rao and music composed by Saluri Rajeswara Rao.[1]

Bobbili Yuddham
Bobbili Yuddham.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byC. Seetaram
Produced byC. Seetaram
Written bySamudrala Sr
Gabbita Venkatrao (dialogues)
Screenplay byC. Seetaram
Story byC. Seetaram
Based onBattle of Bobbili
StarringN. T. Rama Rao
Bhanumathi Ramakrishna
S.V. Ranga Rao
Music bySaluri Rajeswara Rao
CinematographyKamal Ghosh
Edited byKandaswamy
Republic Productions
Release date
  • 4 December 1964 (1964-12-04)
Running time
153 mins


The film begins with the birthday celebrations of Prince Chinna Venkatrayudu, son of Raja Rangarayudu (N. T. Rama Rao), King of Bobbili, for which Raja Vijayaramaraju (Rajanala), King of Vijayanagaram is invited. On the occasion, sports competitions are held in which the Bobbili team wins for which Vijayaramaraju feels jealous and wants to take revenge against them. At the same time, French invaders crack into the country and send a memorandum to Vijayaramaraju by General Bussi (Mukkamala). Vijayaramaraju exploits the situation by shaking hands with Bussi, takes authority over Bobbili and asks them to pay tax. But they refuse. So, Vijayaramaraju plans to attack Bobbili. Meanwhile, Vengalarayudu (C. Seetaram) the younger brother of Rangarayudu, marries Subhadra (Jamuna), sister of Tandra Paparayudu (S. V. Ranga Rao). Soon after the marriage, a spy is seized by Tandra Paparayudu who reveals the conspiracy of Vijayaramaraju and misleads them that their army is arriving from Rajam. On the spot, Tandra Paparayudu leaves to Rajam. Learning it, Bussi takes the forest route and surrounds the fort. Rangarayudu sends Dharmarayudu (M. Balaiah) for a compromise, which fails. Even the message sent to Tandra Paparayadu regarding the hazardous situation is intercepted. The war begins, the French warriors enter by breaking the fort walls with artilleries when many soldiers die, Vengalarayudu is backstabbed and Subhadra also follows him.

Finally, Raja Rangarayudu himself moves to the battlefield when his wife Mallamma Devi (Bhanumathi Ramakrishna) realizes that the Bobbili dynasty is going to fall, to safeguard their heritage she sends Chinna Venkatrayudu in disguise to Samarlakota. Meanwhile, the French army cannot withstand before Rangarayudu's valor. So Bussi orders to blast the fort in which all men die and women inside the fort, including Mallamma Devi, commit suicide. Tandra Paparayudu senses the foul play of Bussi and immediately rushes to Bobbili. At the same time, Queen Chandrayamma (Jayanthi) wife of Vijayaramaraju also drives to Bobbili to stop the battle. On the way, she finds alone Chinna Venkatrayudu and safeguards him. By the time, Tandra Paparayudu reaches Bobbili, he spots corpse on all sides along with Rangarayudu & Mallamma and bursts out with avenge. At midnight, he enters into the tent of Vijayaramaraju, slaughters him and commits suicide when Bussi tries to arrest him. Chandrayamma also dies, looking at her husband's dead body uniting the hands of the Bobbili & Vijayanagaram princes.



Bobbili Yuddham
Film score by
ProducerSaluri Rajeswara Rao
Saluri Rajeswara Rao chronology
Manchi Manishi
Bobbili Yuddham
Dorikithe Dongalu

Music composed by Saluri Rajeswara Rao. Music released on Audio Company.

S. No. Song Title Lyrics Singers length
1 "Sirineelu Rayuda" Aarudhra Saluri Rajeswara Rao 1:28
2 "Srikara Karunala" Samudrala Jr Bhanumathi Ramakrishna 3:12
3 "Muthyala Chemmachekka" Aarudhra P. Susheela 2:53
4 "Andala Raanive" Sri Sri Ghantasala, P. Susheela 3:11
5 "Ooyalalooginadoyi" C. Narayana Reddy Bhanumathi Ramakrishna 3:04
6 "Muripinche Andale" Sri Sri Ghantasala, P. Susheela 4:35
7 "Sevalu Cheyyale" Aarudhra P. B. Srinivas, S. Janaki 3:19
8 "Ninuchhera Manasayera" Sri Sri P. Susheela 3:07
9 "Yemaiah Ramaiah" Kosaraju Vasantha, Swarnalatha, V. Satya Rao 3:25


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