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Blue Demon Jr.

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Blue Demon Jr. (born July 19, 1966) is a Mexican luchador and professional wrestler. He is the adopted son of the legendary original Blue Demon and is the first Mexican and the second masked wrestler to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. His real name is not a matter of public record, as is often the case with masked wrestlers in Mexico, where their private lives are kept a secret from the wrestling fans.[2]

Blue Demon Jr.
Blue Demon, Jr.jpg
Blue Demon posing after a match
Born (1966-07-19) July 19, 1966 (age 53)[1]
Mexico City, Mexico
FamilyBlue Demon (adoptive father)
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s)Blue Demon Jr.
Billed height5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)[1]
Billed weight207 lb (94 kg)[1]
Billed fromMexico City, Mexico
Trained byBlue Demon[1]
Rolando Vera[1]
Rafael Salamanca[1]
Pepe Mendieta[1]
DebutJuly 11, 1985[1]

Professional wrestling careerEdit

Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (1996–2001)Edit

In Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (AAA) he formed the team Los Juniors with La Parka Jr., Mascara Sagrada Jr. and Perro Aguayo Jr.. On April 18, 1999 in Zapopan, Jalisco they won the Mexican National Atómicos Championship by defeating Los Vatos Locos, a team of Charly Manson, May Flowers, Nygma and Picudo. On September 17, 1999 in Mexico City, D.F. they lost the championship to Los Vipers, a team of Histeria, Maniaco, Mosco de la Merced II and Psicosis II.

National Wrestling Alliance (2008–2010)Edit

Blue Demon Jr. (behind, in blue costume) versus El Hijo del Santo

On October 25, 2008, Demon Jr. became the first Mexican professional wrestler, as well as first masked luchador to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship when he defeated champion Adam Pearce. His win was also the first time the title changed hands in Mexico, although not with CMLL as would have been the case before the mid-1980s (It happened in Blue Demon Jr.'s own promotion: NWA Mexico). The ongoing feud has Pearce protesting the loss with the NWA as his arm was under the bottom rope when he passed out from Blue Demon Jr's Single leg Boston crab. Blue Demon Jr. managed to hold on to the championship for 505 days before dropping it back to Pearce in a triple-threat match also involving Phill Shatter on March 14, 2010 at NWA New Beginnings.[3]

Pro Wrestling Revolution (2010–2013)Edit

Demon Jr. defeated Oliver John at an NWA Mexico event at the Lucha Libre Expo in Mexico City on July 23, 2010 to capture the Pro Wrestling Revolution (PWR) Heavyweight Championship. On May 11, 2013, El Hijo del Santo and his rival, Blue Demon Jr., joined forces to win the Pro Wrestling Revolution Tag Team Championship after defeating Brian Cage and Derek Sanders[4] On September 6, 2012, Blue Demon Jr. lost the PWR World Heavyweight Championship to Carly Colón in a match that also involved La Parka II. On November 13, 2013, Blue Demon Jr. disbanded NWA Mexico and became officially affiliated with PWR.[5]

Lucha Underground (2014–2015)Edit

In August 2014, Blue Demon Jr. was announced as one of five AAA wrestlers to star in the El Rey network's new television series Lucha Underground.[6] Blue Demon Jr. wrestled in the first match of the debut episode of Lucha Underground on October 29, defeating Chavo Guerrero Jr.[7]

In the LU storyline, Blue Demon Jr. was hospitalized due to vicious after-match attacks by both Mil Muertes and Chavo Guerrero Jr. following Demon's loss to Mil Muertes in the November 5 main event match. Upon his return, he attacked Chavo and later in a face-to-face meeting with Chavo blocked another attack and emerged triumphant after laying Chavo out. On July 8, 2015, Demon turned rudo attacking Texano Jr.

Return to AAA (2013–present)Edit

Blue Demon Jr. returned to AAA on March 3, 2013, challenging El Texano Jr. to a match for the AAA Mega Championship.[8] The match took place on March 17 at Rey de Reyes and saw El Texano Jr. retain his title. After the match, Blue Demon Jr. challenged El Texano Jr. to a Mask vs. Hair Lucha de Apuestas.[9] On April 15, Blue Demon Jr. announced that he had signed to become a regular member of AAA's roster.[10] On June 16 at Triplemanía XXI, Blue Demon Jr. defeated El Mesías to win the vacant AAA Latin American Championship.[11] He was stripped of the title on March 16, 2014, after he was unable to attend a scheduled title defense against Chessman at Rey de Reyes.[12]

In films and TVEdit

In 2007, he appeared in the film Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy (also known as Mil Mascaras Resurrection).[13][14][15] In an episode of ¡Mucha Lucha!, a cartoon version of Blue Demon Jr. appears as a super hero wrestler. He competed on the Mexican dancing show Mira Quien Baila in 2011. He has a cameo in Mel Gibson's 2012 movie Get the Gringo. He also participated in Como dice el dicho in 2011.

Personal lifeEdit

Blue Demon Jr.'s son is training for a career in professional wrestling.[16]

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

Luchas de Apuestas recordEdit

Winner (wager) Loser (wager) Location Event Date Notes
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) Invasor Galáctico (mask) N/A Live event N/A [27]
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) Vendaval (mask) N/A Live event N/A [27]
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) La Mancha (mask) N/A Live event N/A  
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) North Panther (mask) N/A Live event N/A  
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) Álex González (hair) N/A Live event N/A  
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) Black Panther (mask) N/A Live event N/A  
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) Black Killer (mask) N/A Live event N/A  
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) La Mosca (mask) N/A Live event N/A  
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) Scarlet (mask) N/A Live event N/A [27]
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) El Depredador (mask) Tijuana, Baja California Live event N/A [27]
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) Síndrome (mask) N/A Live event N/A  
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) Máquina Salvaje (mask) N/A Live event 1989  
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) MS-Jr. (mask) Mexico City Live event November 24, 1994 [27]
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) Gran Sheik (mask) Mexico City Live event 1995  
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) El Jorobado (mask) Xico, Veracruz Live event January 1, 1999 [27]
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) Black Demon (mask) Tijuana, Baja California Live event October 1, 1999 [27]
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) Black Führer (mask) Guadalajara, Jalisco Live event 2002  
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) Espectro Jr. (mask) Tijuana, Baja California Live event October 7, 2007  
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) Rey Wagner (hair) Mexico City Triplemanía XXVII August 3, 2019 [28]


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