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Bislish is a portmanteau of the words Bisaya and English, which refers to any of the Visayan languages of the Philippines macaronically infused with English terms. It is an example of code mixing. An example of Bislish as spoken in Cebuano-speaking areas would be, "Tired na jud[1] ko my friend, how far pa house nimo?" which means "I am so tired already my friend. How far is your house?". Another example in Hiligaynon-speaking areas is "Lagaw kita at the park, magkit-anay ta sa friends naton didto.", which means "Let's stroll at the park, we'll meet our friends there."

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  1. ^ Gyud is pronounced as either [dʒud], [ɡjud], or [ɡud]. In informal communications, it is also occasionally written as g’ud (often gud or jud)