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The Bishop of Peterborough is the ordinary of the Church of England Diocese of Peterborough in the Province of Canterbury.

Bishop of Peterborough
Official portrait of The Lord Bishop of Peterborough crop 2.jpg
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Arms of the Bishop of Peterborough: Gules, two keys in saltire addorsed the wards upwards between four cross-crosslets fitchée or[1]
Donald Allister
Ecclesiastical provinceCanterbury
ResidenceBishop's Lodging, The Palace, Peterborough
First holderJohn Chambers
CathedralCathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul and St Andrew, Peterborough

The diocese covers the counties of Northamptonshire (including the Soke of Peterborough) and Rutland. The see is in the City of Peterborough, where the bishop's seat (cathedra) is located at the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter, Saint Paul and Saint Andrew. The bishop's residence is Bishop's Lodging, The Palace, Peterborough. The office has been in existence since the foundation of the diocese on 4 September 1541 under King Henry VIII.

The current Bishop of Peterborough is Donald Allister. He succeeded Ian Cundy, who died in post on 7 May 2009 (two months before his announced resignation). Cundy was one of the 26 diocesan bishops who sat in the House of Lords as Lords Spiritual.

Donald Allister, who was the Archdeacon of Chester in the Diocese of Chester from 2002 to 2010, was consecrated as a bishop on 25 March 2010 at St Paul's Cathedral by Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and was installed at Peterborough Cathedral on 17 April 2010.[2]

As parts of the City of Peterborough are actually in the Diocese of Ely (those parishes south of the River Nene), the last Bishop of Peterborough was appointed as an assistant bishop in the Diocese of Ely with pastoral care for these parishes delegated to him by the Bishop of Ely.[3][4]

List of bishopsEdit

Chronological list of the bishops of the Diocese of Peterborough, England

Bishops of Peterborough
From Until Incumbent Notes
1541 1556   John Chambers Last Abbot of Peterborough Abbey. Died in office
1557 1559   David Pole Deposed
1560 1585   Edmund Scambler Translated to Norwich
1585 1600   Richard Howland Died in office
1601 1630   Thomas Dove Died in office
1630 1632   William Piers Translated to Bath & Wells
1633 1634   Augustine Lindsell Translated to Hereford
1634 1638   Francis Dee Died in office
1639 1646   John Towers Deprived of office
1646 1660 See vacant (English Interregnum)
1660 1663   Benjamin Lany Translated to Lincoln
1663 1679   Joseph Henshaw Died in office
1679 1695   William Lloyd Translated from Llandaff; translated to Norwich
1685 1690   Thomas White Deprived of office
1691 1718   Richard Cumberland Died in office
1718 1728   White Kennett Died in office
1729 1747   Robert Clavering Translated from Llandaff; died in office
1747 1757   John Thomas Translated to Salisbury
1757 1764   Richard Terrick Translated to London
1764 1769   Robert Lamb Died in office
1769 1794   John Hinchliffe Died in office
1794 1813   Spencer Madan Translated from Bristol; died in office
1813 1819   John Parsons Died in office
1819 1839   Herbert Marsh Translated from Llandaff; died in office
1839 1864   George Davys Died in office
1864 1868   Francis Jeune Died in office
1868 1891   William Connor Magee Translated to York
1891 1897   Mandell Creighton Translated to London
1897 1916   Edward Carr Glyn John Mitchinson, assistant bishop once acted diocesan bishop during Carr-Glyn's illness.[5]
1916 1923   Theodore Woods Translated to Winchester
1924 1927   Cyril Bardsley Translated to Leicester
1927 1949   Claude Blagden
1949 1956   Spencer Leeson Died in office
1956 1961 Robert Stopford Previously Bishop of Fulham; translated to London
1961 1972   Cyril Easthaugh Previously Bishop of Kensington
1972 1984   Douglas Feaver
1984 1995   Bill Westwood Previously suffragan Bishop of Edmonton (London)
1996 2009   Ian Cundy Died in office
2010 incumbent   Donald Allister Previously Archdeacon of Chester

Assistant bishopsEdit

Among those called "Assistant Bishop of Peterborough" were:

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