Bishop of Guildford

The Bishop of Guildford is the Ordinary of the Church of England Diocese of Guildford in the Province of Canterbury.

Bishop of Guildford
Andrew Watson
Ecclesiastical provinceCanterbury
ResidenceWillow Grange, Jacobs Well
CathedralGuildford Cathedral
Andrew Watson

The title had first appeared as a suffragan See in the Diocese of Winchester in 1874. The Bishop suffragan of Guildford assisted the Bishop of Winchester in overseeing that diocese. Under George V, the Diocese of Guildford was created out of the north-eastern part of the Diocese of Winchester in 1927.

The diocese covers the western half of the County of Surrey. The see is in the town of Guildford where the seat is located at the Cathedral Church of the Holy Spirit which was built as a cathedral 1936 to 1965. The bishop's residence is Willow Grange, Jacobs Well[1] — to the north of Guildford.

The incumbent bishop is Andrew Watson, 10th Bishop of Guildford, since the confirmation of his election on 24 November 2014.[2]

List of bishopsEdit

Bishops of Guildford
From Until Incumbent Notes
1927 1934 John Greig Translated from Gibraltar. Nominated on 1 June and confirmed on 28 June 1927. Resigned in 1934.
1934 1949 John Macmillan Translated from Dover. Nominated on 19 October and confirmed on 22 November 1934. Resigned on 15 October 1949.
1949 1956 Henry Montgomery Campbell Translated from Kensington. Nominated on 21 October and confirmed on 23 November 1949. Translated to London on 25 January 1956.
1956 1960 Ivor Watkins Translated from Malmesbury. Nominated on 25 May and confirmed on 11 July 1956. Died in office on 24 October 1960.
1961 1973 George Reindorp Nominated on 20 January and consecrated on 25 March 1961. Translated to Salisbury on 15 January 1973.
1973 1982 David Brown Nominated on 23 July and consecrated on 1 November 1973. Died in office on 13 July 1982.
1983 1994 Michael Adie Nominated on 5 May and consecrated on 30 June 1983. Retired in 1994.
1994 2004 John Gladwin Nominated and consecrated in 1994. Translated to Chelmsford in 2004.
2004 2013 Christopher Hill Translated from Stafford. Nominated and confirmed in 2004.
2014 present Andrew Watson Consecrated Bishop suffragan of Aston in 2008; election confirmed 24 November 2014.

Assistant bishopsEdit

Among those who have served as assistant bishops of the diocese have been:


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