Biological reserve (Brazil)

A biological reserve (Portuguese: Reserva biológica, Rebio) in Brazil is a legally defined type of protected area of Brazil, a conservation unit that aims for full preservation of biota and other natural attributes without human interference. It may be visited only with prior approval of the responsible agency, and only for research or educational purposes.


A "Biological reserve" in Brazil is one of the Integral Protection Units defined by Article 13 of Law No. 9,985 of 18 July 2000, National System of Conservation Units (SNUG). The biological reserve is public property. When it is established any private lands within its limits are expropriated.[1] The manager of the biological reserve must prepare a management plan for approval by the responsible agency. The approved management plan is accessible by the public.[2]

This category of conservation unit aims at full preservation of biota and other natural attributes without direct human interference or environmental changes. The exception is for measures to recover altered ecosystems and management actions required to restore and preserve natural balance, biological diversity and natural ecological processes. Public access is prohibited with the exception of visits for educational purposes as defined in management plan. Research may be conducted after prior approval of the responsible agency and is also subject to the agency's conditions and restrictions.[3]

Selected listEdit

Name Level State Area (ha) Created Biome
Abufari Federal Amazonas 288,000 1982 Amazon
Andradina State São Paulo 168 1985 Atlantic Forest
Araras State Rio de Janeiro 3,862 1977 Atlantic Forest
Araucárias Federal Paraná 14,919 2006 Atlantic Forest
Atol das Rocas Federal Rio Grande do Norte 36,249 1979 Coastal Marine
Augusto Ruschi Federal Espírito Santo 4,000 1982 Atlantic Forest
Banhados do Delta State Rio Grande do Sul 17,245 1976 Coastal Marine
Bom Jesus Federal Paraná 34,179 2012 Atlantic Forest
Canela Preta State Santa Catarina 1,899 1980 Atlantic Forest
Carmo da Mata State Minas Gerais 86 1974 (closed)
Colônia 31 de Março State Minas Gerais 5,030 1974 (closed)
Comboios Federal Espírito Santo 833 1984 Coastal Marine
Contagem Federal Federal District 3,460 2002 Cerrado
Córrego do Veado Federal Espírito Santo 2,392 1982 Atlantic Forest
Córrego Grande Federal Bahia, Espírito Santo 1,504 1989 Atlantic Forest
Culuene State Mato Grosso 3,900 1989 Amazon
Duas Bocas State Espírito Santo 2,910 1991 Atlantic Forest
Fazenda São Mateus State Minas Gerais 377 1974 (closed)
Fontes do Ipiranga State São Paulo 357 1969 Atlantic Forest
Guaporé Federal Rondônia 600,000 1982 Amazon
Guaratiba State Rio de Janeiro 3,360 1974 Coastal Marine
Guaribas Federal Paraíba 4,321 1990 Atlantic Forest
Gurupi Federal Maranhão 341,650 1988 Amazon
Ibirapuitã State Rio Grande do Sul 351 1982 Pampas
Ilha do Cabo Frio Municipal Rio de Janeiro 700 1990 Coastal Marine
Jaíba State Minas Gerais 6,358 1973 Caatinga
Jaru Federal Rondônia 353,335 1961 Amazon
Lago Piratuba Federal Amapá 357,000 1980 Amazon
Lami José Lutzenberger Municipal Rio Grande do Sul 179 1975 Coastal Marine
Lapinha State Minas Gerais 369 1974 Atlantic Forest
Maicuru State Pará 1,151,761 2006 Amazon
Manicoré Federal Amazonas 359,063 2016 Amazon
Marinha do Arvoredo Federal Santa Catarina 17,600 1990 Coastal Marine
Mata Escura Federal Minas Gerais 50,890 2003 Atlantic Forest
Mata Paludosa State Rio Grande do Sul 272 1998 Atlantic Forest
Mogi-Guaçu State São Paulo 469 1942 Cerrado
Morro dos Seis Lagos State Amazonas 36,900 1990 Amazon
Nascentes da Serra do Cachimbo Federal Pará 342,478 2005 Amazon
Parazinho State Amapá 111 1985 Amazon
Pedra Talhada Federal Alagoas, Pernambuco 4,469 1989 Atlantic Forest
Perobas Federal Paraná 8,716 2006 Atlantic Forest
Pindorama State São Paulo 533 1986 Atlantic Forest
Poço das Antas Federal Rio de Janeiro 5,000 1974 Atlantic Forest
Praia do Sul State Rio de Janeiro 3,502 1981 Coastal Marine
Professor José Ângelo Rizzo University Goiás 144 1969 Cerrado
Rio Ouro Preto State Rondônia 46,438 1990 Amazon
Rio Trombetas Federal Pará 385,000 1979 Amazon
Saltinho Federal Pernambuco 548 1983 Atlantic Forest
Santa Isabel Federal Sergipe 2,766 1988 Coastal Marine
Santa Rita Municipal Minas Gerais 305 1980 Atlantic Forest
São Donato State Rio Grande do Sul 4,392 1975 Pampas
São Sebastião do Paraíso State Minas Gerais 248 1974 Atlantic Forest
Serra Negra Federal Pernambuco 1,100 1982 Atlantic Forest
Sooretama Federal Espírito Santo 24,000 1982 Atlantic Forest
Tamboré Municipal São Paulo 367 Atlantic Forest
Tapirapé Federal Pará 103,000 1989 Amazon
Tinguá Federal Rio de Janeiro 26,000 1989 Atlantic Forest
Traçadal State Rondônia 22,540 1990 Amazon
Uatumã Federal Amazonas 940,358 1990 Amazon
Una Federal Bahia 18,500 1980 Atlantic Forest
União Federal Rio de Janeiro 3,126 1998 Atlantic Forest
Vila Facchini State São Paulo 70 1965 Atlantic Forest



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