Bijolia Parshvanath temple

Bijolia Parshvanath Temple or Tapodaya Teerth Kshetra is a Jain pilgrimage center located in Bijolia town in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan.

Bijolia Parshvanath temple
Bijolia Jain temples
Shri Digambar Jain Parshwanath Atishay Kshetra
FestivalsMahavir Jayanti
Governing bodyShri Digambar Jain Parshwanath Atishay Kshetra Committee
LocationBijolia, Rajasthan
Bijolia Parshvanath temple is located in Rajasthan
Bijolia Parshvanath temple
Location within Rajasthan
Geographic coordinates25°08′59.3″N 75°20′15″E / 25.149806°N 75.33750°E / 25.149806; 75.33750
CreatorMahajan Lala
Date established12th century

History edit

Bijolia inscription

Bijolia is famous for two rock inscriptions, both dated 1170 CE (V. S. 1226).[1] One inscription provides the genealogy of the Chahamanas of Shakambhari and the second is a Jaina poem called Uttama Sikhara Purana. The first inscription opens with salutation to Parshvanatha and records coronation of Somesvara. The third verse of inscription describes how Someshvara gave the grant to build Parshvanatha temple in Rewna village.[2][3][4] The latter inscription, engraved near the door of the Parsvanatha temple, records the homage of Manoratha, son of Mahidhara.[5] According to Jain tradition, this place is believed to be where the Uttama Sikhara Purana was composed.[6][7][8][9]

According to Peter Flügel, the Undeshvar Shiva temple of Bijolia was originally a Śvētāmbara temple based on carvings of prominent Jain figures in the temple exterior.[10]

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Five Jain temples was constructed in 1160 CE by Mahajan Lala during the reign of King Somesvara of Chahamanas empire. The main temple is a large structure consisting of a small model of the temple.[11] The temple is dedicated to Parshvanatha and is a major Jain pilgrimage center.[1][12]

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