Big White Duel

Big White Duel (Chinese: 白色強人; Cantonese Yale: bak sik keung yan) is a 2019 Hong Kong television medical drama produced by Marco Law and TVB. The series follows a team of medical practitioners at the fictional Marshall Paxton Hospital, Hong Kong's leading public hospital, with its central plot structuring around the hospital's Deputy C.E., Dr. YT Yeung's (Roger Kwok) attempts in rallying support for a new healthcare plan that would change the landscape of Hong Kong's healthcare system. Big White Duel premiered on TVB Jade in Hong Kong on 10 June 2019, and aired its final episode on 12 July 2019. It aired on Mediacorp's Channel 8 on 18 March 2020 and concluded on 25 May 2020. A second season is in the works, to begin filming in October 2020.

Big White Duel
Big White Duel.jpg
Official poster
Mandarinbái sè qiáng rén
Cantonesebaak6 sik1 koeng4 jan4
LiterallyWhite Strongmen
GenreMedical drama
Created byMarco Law
Written byWong Wai-keung
Theme music composerAlan Cheung
Opening theme"Choice" (選擇善良) by Fred Cheng
Ending theme"Without You" (沒有你開始) by Hana Kuk
Composer(s)Alan Cheung
Country of originHong Kong
Original language(s)Cantonese
No. of episodes25
Executive producer(s)Marco Law
Production location(s)
Running time45 minutes
Production company(s)TVB
Original networkTVB Jade
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Original release10 June –
12 July 2019
Followed byBig White Duel 2
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Big White Duel received widespread critical acclaim throughout its broadcast period. It is currently sitting as Hong Kong's second highest-rated television drama of 2019, and won multiple awards and nominations at the TVB Anniversary Awards, including Best Drama, Best Actor for Kenneth Ma and Most Improved Female Artist for Kelly Cheung.

Series overviewEdit

Hong Kong's leading public hospital, Marshall Paxton, is being used as a trial ground for a radical reform project that could potentially change the future of Hong Kong's healthcare system. As medical practitioners at Marshall Paxton regularly face ethical dilemmas that challenge their professionalism, they are also being put in the middle of a power struggle between Deputy C.E. Dr. YT Yeung, who seeks for healthcare reform and for the spot of C.E., and the hospital's current C.E. Dr. Lui Chung-hok, who wants to keep the status quo. Fictional depictions of the Hospital Authority (known in the series as the Medical Development Authority), the Department of Health, and the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (LegCo) are prominent entities that drive the plot.


Hong Kong's healthcare reform is imperative. The radical reform plan is to privatize public hospitals and raise capital by means of public listing to maintain operations. The leading public hospital, Marshall Paxton Hospital, has become a pilot for the reform. YT Yeung, Deputy Hospital Chief Executive and Chief of Service (C.O.S.) of Neurosurgery, has made preparations for five years, seeking to turn the hospital into a medical empire that raises more than $10 billion. He is even looking to be the person-in-charge! Dr. Tong Ming, C.O.S. of Cardio Thoracic Surgery, has a totally different ideology compared to YT's. He has fought alongside his apprentice Dr. Max Poon in accordance with the life-saving principle that is to hold human life above the healthcare system, but they are instead dragged into the power struggle initiated by Dr. Lui Chung-hok, CE of Marshal Paxton, who opposes the medical reform. YT, Tong Ming cardiothoracic surgeon Kennis Ching, A&E's Dr. Zoe So, and neurosurgeon Dr. Yan Lui, etc. are a group of strong-willed people in white robes, but their opponents are not only diseases, but also human greed coupled with the lust driven by power…[1]


Big White Duel was first announced in late 2017 as a new installment to Marco Law's Strongmen series, which started with the legal drama Law dis-Order in 2016. Initially produced with the working title White Giants (白色巨人), the new series would follow a similar to theme to Law dis-Order, in which career professionals engage in political games to consolidate power. Law employed the same team behind Law dis-Order for Big White Duel, including scriptwriter Wong Wai-keung.

Moses Chan and Ruco Chan were initially sought out to respectively star as Dr. YT Yeung and Dr. Tong Ming.[2] After turning down the roles, TVB casted Roger Kwok and Kenneth Ma in December 2017.[2] Big White Duel became Kwok's last TVB drama in his management contract. The role of Dr. Patrick Lam was first offered to Jason Chan, and then to Oscar Leung, but both turned down the role due to schedule conflicts. The role ultimately went to Stephen Wong.

In February 2018, Big White Duel held its first costume fitting press conference. Filming commenced that same month in Tuen Mun, and later in Shenzhen, China. Principal photography focused on locations in Tuen Mun's T PARK, Shenzhen's Horizontal Skyscraper, and the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub, which were used as backdrops for Marshall Paxton Hospital.[3] Principal photography ended in July 2018 with a wrap-up party held on 2 July 2018.

Cast and charactersEdit

Marshall Paxton HospitalEdit

Name Portrayed by Occupation
Dr. Lui Chung-hok David Chiang Chief Executive of Marshall Paxton, Cardiothoracic surgeon
Dr. "YT" Yeung Yat-to Roger Kwok Deputy Chief Executive of Marshall Paxton, Chief of Service (C.O.S.) for the Neuroendovascular Surgery (NES) Department, Neurosurgeon
Dr. Tong Ming Kenneth Ma C.O.S. for the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery (CTS), Cardiothoracic surgeon
Dr. "Samuel" Yu Cham-sum Ram Chiang C.O.S. for the Department of Accident & Emergency (A&E)
Dr. "Patrick" Lam Hok-kei Stephen Wong NES Associate Consultant, Neurosurgeon
Dr. "Yan" Lui Oi-ling Kelly Cheung NES Associate Consultant, Neurosurgeon
Dr. "Kennis" Ching Lok-man Ali Lee CTS Associate Consultant, Cardiothoracic surgeon
Dr. "Hugo" Ho Bing-kwong Willie Wai CTS Associate Consultant, Cardiothoracic surgeon
Dr. "Zoe" So Yee Natalie Tong A&E Associate Consultant
Dr. "Max" Poon Wai-tak Matthew Ho CTS Resident Specialist
Dr. "Ceci" Fong Shu-ting Crystal Fung CTS Resident Specialist
Wong Ching, RN Lily Poon A&E Nurse Consultant
"Macy" Wai Man-yi, RN Moss Wu A&E Associate Nurse Consultant

Government officialsEdit

Name Portrayed by Occupation
Kwok Yat-choi Keith Ng Chief Executive of Hong Kong
Chung Kin-sing English Tang LegCo President
Dr. Cheung Sat-chau Willie Lau Department of Health Secretary
Dr. "Ivan" Yau Kwok-tung Timothy Cheng Deputy Health Secretary, Gastroenterologist
Dr. "Martin" Wan Ming-cheung Max Cheung Chairman for the Medical Development Authority
Lam Hoi-sang Chan Wing-chun LegCo Party chairman
Ng Wing-yip Gary Tam LegCo legislator

Senior ManagementEdit

Cast Role Description
David Chiang
Lui Chung-hok

Dr. Lui

  • Marshall Paxton Chief Executive → Honorary Adviser → Health Secretary
  • Father of Lui Oi-ling
  • Opposed to the healthcare reform bill
Roger Kwok
Yeung Yat-to

YT, YT Yeung

  • Marshall Paxton Deputy Chief Executive → Acting CE → CE
  • Supporter of the healthcare reform bill, later opposed
Kenneth Ma
Tong Ming
  • Marshall Paxton Deputy Chief Executive

Neuroendovascular Surgery (NES)Edit

Cast Role Description
Roger Kwok
Yeung Yat-to

YT, YT Yeung, Dr. Yeung

  • Head of surgery
  • Department Chief of Service
  • In love with Yan
Stephen Wong
Lam Hok-kei

Patrick, Dr. Lam

  • Associate Consultant → Consultant
  • Son of Lam Hoi-sang
  • Has a crush on Yan
Kelly Cheung
Lui Oi-ling

Yan, Dr. Lui

  • Associate Consultant
  • Daughter of Lui Chung-hok
  • Best friends with Kennis
  • Friends with Zoe
  • In love with YT

Cardiothoracic Surgery (CTS)Edit

Cast Role Description
Kenneth Ma
Tong Ming

Dr. Tong

  • Department Chief of Service
  • Former Consultant of Chak On Hospital
  • Friends with Samuel
  • Has a love triangle with Zoe and Kennis
  • Ex-husband of Zoe, later remarried
  • Mentor of Poon Wai-tak
Ali Lee
Ching Lok-man

Kennis, Dr. Ching

  • Associate Consultant → Consultant → Doctors Without Borders (MSF)
  • Best friends with Yan and Zoe
  • In love with Tong Ming
  • Underwent Cardiac Auto-transplantation by Tong Ming in episode 24
  • Became a Doctor Without Borders in episode 25
  • Shot in episode 25, fate unknown
Willie Wai
Ho Bing-kwong

Hugo, Dr. Ho

  • Associate Consultant → Consultant
  • Mean to everyone in the Cardiothoracic Surgery department
  • Jealous of Kennis’ skills and admiration by YT
  • Wife involved in accident and later dies with organs donated
Matthew Ho
Poon Wai-tak

Max, Dr. Poon

  • Medical Officer → Associate Consultant
  • Boyfriend of Fong Su-ting
Crystal Fung
Fong Su-ting

Ceci, Dr. Fong

  • Medical Officer
  • Girlfriend of Poon Wai-tak

Accident & Emergency (A & E)Edit

Cast Role Description
Ram Chiang
Yu Cham-sum

Samuel, Dr. Yu

  • Department Chief of Service/ Consultant
  • In love with Zoe
Natalie Tong
So Yee

Zoe, Dr. So

  • Associate Consultant
  • Ex-wife of Tong Ming, later remarried


Cast Role Description
Lily Poon
Wong Ching
  • Advanced Practice Nurse/Consultant Nurse
  • A & E Nurse
Moss Wu
Wai Man-yi


  • Associate Consultant Nurse
  • In love with Poon Wai-tak

Other castEdit

Cast Role Description
Ashley Chu
Eugene, Hong Kiu
  • TNN producer
  • Wife of Martin, later divorced
  • In love with YT
  • Supporter of the healthcare reform bill, later opposed
Max Cheung
Wan Ming-cheung

Martin, Dr. Wan

  • Medical Development Authority Chairman
  • Husband of Eugene, later divorced
  • Supporter of the healthcare reform bill, later opposed
Timothy Cheng
Yau Kwok-tung

Ivan, Dr. Yau

  • Deputy Health Secretary → Secretary → Resigned
  • Supporter of the healthcare reform bill
  • Threatened Kennis by her cardiac health
Chan Wing-chun
Lam Hoi-sang
  • LegCo Party Chairman
  • Father of Lam Hok-kei
  • Supporter of the healthcare reform bill
Gary Tam
Ng Wing-yip

Councillor Ng

  • LegCo Opposition Member
  • Opposed to the healthcare reform bill
Keith Ng
Kwok Yat-choi
  • Hong Kong Chief Executive
Leo Lo
Chui Tse-go
  • Trading company salesman
  • Mental Patient
  • Gunman

Viewership ratingsEdit

TVB JadeEdit

# Timeslot (HKT) Week Episode(s) Average points Peaking points
Mon – Fri 21:30
10 — 14 June 2019
1 — 5
17 — 21 June 2019
6 — 10
24 — 28 June 2019
11 — 15
1 — 5 July 2019
16 — 20
8 — 12 July 2019
21 — 25
Total average ⁠29 ⁠30

International broadcastEdit

Region Network Notes
  Malaysia 8TV
  Singapore VV Drama & MediaCorp Channel 8 Dubbed With Mandarin
  Cambodia PNN TV Dubbed With Khmer

Awards & NominationsEdit

TVB Anniversary Awards 2019Edit

Year Award Category Recipient(s) Result
2019 2019 TVB Anniversary Awards Best Actor Kenneth Ma Won
Roger Kwok Nominated
Best Actress Ali Lee Nominated (Top 5)
Natalie Tong Nominated (Top 5)
Kelly Cheung Nominated
Best Supporting Actor David Chiang Nominated (Top 5)
Matthew Ho Nominated (Top 5)
Max Cheung Nominated
Ram Chiang Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Ashley Chu Nominated
Crystal Fung Nominated
Most Popular Male Character Kenneth Ma Nominated (Top 5)
Matthew Ho Nominated
Roger Kwok Nominated
Most Popular Female Character Natalie Tong Nominated (Top 5)
Kelly Cheung Nominated
Ali Lee Nominated
Best Drama N/A Won


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