Bhim Singh of Marwar

Maharaja Bhim Singh (? - 19 October 1803), was the Maharaja of Marwar Kingdom (r. 17 July 1793 – 19 October 1803).

Maharaja Bhim Singh
Maharaja of Marwar
Bhim Singh of Marwar.jpg
Tenure17 July 1793 – 19 October 1803
Coronation20 July 1793, Mehrangarh, Jodhpur
PredecessorVijay Singh
SuccessorMan Singh
Died19 October 1803
Mehrangarh, Jodhpur
FatherBhom Singh
MotherIndar Kanwar

He seized Mehrangarh and proclaimed himself ruler in place of his grandfather on 13 April 1792. On 20 March 1793, he surrendered and retired to his personal jagir at Sawana, and again seized the fort and proclaimed himself ruler for the second time on 17 July 1793. He spent his entire reign contesting the succession with his uncles and cousins. Bhim Singh was decided to be married to Krishna Kumari of Udaipur. by her father Bhim Singh of Mewar.[1][2]

He died at Mehrangarh, Jodhpur on 19 October 1803.

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