Bheri Zone

Bheri Zone (Nepali: भेरी अञ्चलAbout this soundListen ) was one of the fourteen zones located in the Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal. Nepalgunj were the administrative headquarters.

Bheri districts.png
Country   Nepal
Time zoneUTC+5:45 (Nepal Time)

Cities and towns were Narayan, Jajarkot and Chhinchu in the "hills"; Nepalgunj, Gularia and Kohalpur in Terai; and Birendranagar in Surkhet Valley in the Inner Terai.

Bheri Zone was divided into five districts; since 2015, these districts have been redesignated as parts of Lumbini Pradesh and Karnali Pradesh.

District Type Headquarters Now part of
Banke Outer Terai Nepalgunj Lumbini Pradesh
Bardiya Outer Terai Gularia Lumbini Pradesh
Dailekh Hill Khalanga Karnali Pradesh
Jajarkot Hill Jajarkot Karnali Pradesh
Surkhet Inner Terai Birendranagar Karnali Pradesh

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Coordinates: 28°30′N 81°35′E / 28.500°N 81.583°E / 28.500; 81.583