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List of zones of Nepal

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Until the establishment of seven new provinces in 2015, Nepal was divided into 14 administrative zones (Nepali: अञ्चल; anchal) and 77 districts (Nepali: जिल्ला; jillā). The 14 administrative zones were grouped into five development regions (Nepali: विकास क्षेत्र; vikās kṣetra). Each district is headed by a Chief District Officer (CDO) and is responsible for maintaining law and order and coordinating the work of field agencies of the various government ministries.

Kingdom of Nepal
नेपाल अधिराज्य
Zones of Nepal
Location of Kingdom of Nepal
Former zones
Capital Kathmandu
 •  Established 1961
 •  Disestablished 2015

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From east to west:

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Mahakali ZoneSeti ZoneKarnali ZoneBheri ZoneRapti ZoneDhawalagiri ZoneGandaki ZoneLumbini ZoneBagmati ZoneNarayani ZoneJanakpur ZoneSagarmatha ZoneKoshi ZoneMechi Zone 

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