Best Actor Award (Locarno International Film Festival)

The Leopard for Best Actor (Italian: Pardo per la miglior interpretazione maschile) is an award given at the Locarno International Film Festival. It was first awarded in 1946.

Award winnersEdit

Year Actor Film
1946 Laird Cregar Hangover Square
1947 Not awarded
1948 Victor Mature Kiss of Death
1949-1957 Not awarded
1958 Kwan Shan The True Story of Ah Q
1959 Ernest Borgnine The Rabbit Trap
1960 Johnny Nash Take a Giant Step
1961-1963 Not awarded
1964 Gene Kelly What a Way to Go!
1965-1976 Not awarded
1977 József Madaras Spider Football
1978-1988 Not awarded
1989 Adam Kamien Kornblumenblau
1990-1992 Not awarded
1993 André Eisermann Kaspar Hauser
1994 Not awarded
1995 Samy Naceri Raï
1996 Grégoire Colin Nénette et Boni
1997 Valerio Mastandrea We All Fall Down
1998 Mehmet Kurtuluş
Aleksandar Jovanovic [de]
Adam Bousdoukos
Short Sharp Shock
1999 Serge Riaboukine Skin of Man, Heart of Beast
2000 Joachim Bißmeier
Josef Hader
Roland Düringer
2001 Andoni Gracia Off to the Revolution by a 2CV
2002 Yorgos Karayannis Hard Goodbyes: My Father
2003 Serban Ionescu Maria
2004 Mohammed Bakri Private
2005 Patrick Drolet The Novena
2006 Burghart Klaußner Der Mann von der Botschaft
2007 Michel Piccoli Beneath the Rooftops of Paris
Michele Venitucci Out of Bounds
2008 Tayanç Ayaydin The Market: A Tale of Trade
2009 Antōnīs Kafetzopoulos Plato's Academy
2010 Emmanuel Bilodeau Curling
2011 Bogdan Dumitrache Best Intentions
2012 Walter Saabel Der Glanz des Tages
2013 Fernando Bacilio El Mudo
2014 Artem Bystov Durak
2015 Jung Jae-young Right Now, Wrong Then
2016 Andrzej Seweryn The Last Family [1]
2017 Elliott Crosset Hove Vinterbrødre [2]
2018 Gi Ju-bong Hotel by the River
2019 Regis Myrupu The Fever


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