Bernardo Neustadt

Bernardo Neustadt (pronounced /nɔɪʃtat/) (January 9, 1925 in Iasi, Romania – June 7, 2008 in Martinez, Buenos Aires, Argentina) was an Argentinian journalist born in Romania. For 30 years he was the TV host of the famous New Time news program.

Neustadt was the first to make political opinion journalism on television in Argentina. During the military dictatorship and democratic governments of Raul Alfonsin and Carlos Menem, he was one of the most influential political journalists in Argentina.[citation needed]

He was born on January 9, 1925 in Romania, where his father worked at the Argentine Embassy in Bucharest. Six months later, the family settled in Argentina.[1] His was raised as a "ward" in Catholic boarding schools.[citation needed]

At 14 years old, he joined the Editorial Haynes, owner of the newspaper El Mundo. He worked as a sportswriter and directed Racing magazine.[1]

TV news programEdit

For 30 years[when?] he was the host of the "Tiempo Nuevo (New Time) news program. His ratings reached 30 points, the highest news program on Argentinian TV. In later years he split with Mariano Grondona and changed the program's name to Al Estilo de Bernardo Neustadt.[citation needed]


Notable interviewees include:[2]


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