Belle Vue Halt

Belle Vue Halt (For Port-E-Vullen), also known as Bellevue (Manx: Stadd Reayrt Allin), is an intermediate stopping place on the northern section of the Manx Electric Railway on the Isle of Man.

Bellevue (For Port-E-Vullen)

Reayrt Allin
Manx Electric Railway
Bellevue tram stop (geograph 3166991).jpg
General information
LocationMaughold, Isle Of Man
CoordinatesPole Nos. 846-847
Owned byIsle Of Man Railways
PlatformsGround Level
TracksTwo Running Lines
Structure typeWaiting Shelter
Opened1899 (1899)
Previous namesManx Electric Railway Co.


It is situated between Lewaigue Station and Ramsey, the line's northern terminus. The poles bearing the overhead lines on the M.E.R. are numbered from Douglas and Belle Vue can be found at pole 846.[1] The halt is located on the A15 road to Maughold Village and is actually closer to Port Lewaigue than to Port-E-Vullen.


Until 2001, there was a corrugated iron lineside shelter at the stop. Following some local controversy over its demolition, it was eventually replaced by a wooden structure originally located at Port Jack, north of Douglas.[1]


The station is tended to by a group of locals who annually decorate the shelter and surroundings with flower beds and hanging baskets as well as attending to the general cleanliness of the area.


Preceding station   Manx Electric Railway   Following station
Lewaigue   Douglas - Ramsey   Ballure
The alternate spelling of the station name, here used on a station nameboard


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Coordinates: 54°18′35″N 4°21′41″W / 54.30972°N 4.36139°W / 54.30972; -4.36139