List of Manx Electric Railway stations

There are many local stopping places on the Manx Electric Railway on the Isle of Man. Trams may stop wherever it is convenient to do so.

Following is a list of the acknowledged stopping places. The primary (i.e. timetabled) stopping places are as follows, and are those featured on the timetabled services of the railway. The principal stopping points, however, are at Groudle, Laxey and the northern terminus at Ramsey and the following places in between.

Principal stopsEdit

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Most of these are "request stops": passengers alighting here should let the train crew know in advance.

Point Coordinates
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OS Grid Ref Notes
Ramsey railway station (Manx Electric Railway) 54°19′14″N 4°22′54″W / 54.3206°N 4.3818°W / 54.3206; -4.3818 (Ramsey Station) SC4510794304 for Ramsey; Grove Museum and other attractions. Bus services from Ramsey to various villages in the north of the island.
Belle Vue Halt 54°18′35″N 4°21′41″W / 54.3097°N 4.3614°W / 54.3097; -4.3614 (Belle Vue Halt) SC4639193046
Lewaigue 54°18′08″N 4°21′09″W / 54.3022°N 4.3524°W / 54.3022; -4.3524 (Lewaigue Station) SC4694892190 for Venture Centre
Ballajora Halt 54°17′19″N 4°20′10″W / 54.2887°N 4.3361°W / 54.2887; -4.3361 (Ballajora Halt) SC4795990653 for Maughold Church (1 mile walk)
Cornaa 54°17′00″N 4°21′26″W / 54.2832°N 4.3573°W / 54.2832; -4.3573 (Cornaa Station) SC4655990088
Ballaglass Glen Halt 54°16′49″N 4°21′55″W / 54.2803°N 4.3653°W / 54.2803; -4.3653 (Ballaglass Glen Halt) SC4602989780 for Ballaglass Glen
Glen Mona 54°16′12″N 4°22′34″W / 54.27°N 4.3761°W / 54.27; -4.3761 (Glen Mona Station) SC4528588660 for Glen Mona Hotel
Dhoon Quarry Halt 54°15′21″N 4°22′18″W / 54.2558°N 4.3716°W / 54.2558; -4.3716 (Dhoon Quarry Halt) SC4552687071
Dhoon Glen Halt 54°14′59″N 4°22′37″W / 54.2498°N 4.3770°W / 54.2498; -4.3770 (Dhoon Glen Halt) SC4515286416 for Dhoon Glen
Minorca Halt 54°13′47″N 4°23′42″W / 54.2296°N 4.3951°W / 54.2296; -4.3951 (Minorca Halt) SC4389684209 for much of Laxey village, King Orry's Grave
#Laxey 54°13′55″N 4°24′21″W / 54.2319°N 4.4058°W / 54.2319; -4.4058 (Laxey Station) SC4320684493 for Snaefell Mountain Railway, Laxey Wheel, Great Laxey Mine Railway, and other attractions
South Cape Halt 54°13′29″N 4°23′42″W / 54.2247°N 4.395°W / 54.2247; -4.395 (South Cape Halt) SC4388583666 for Laxey Beach; Old Laxey
Fairy Cottage Halt 54°13′16″N 4°23′57″W / 54.2211°N 4.3991°W / 54.2211; -4.3991 (Fairy Cottage Halt) SC4359983274
Ballabeg tram stop 54°12′48″N 4°24′20″W / 54.2133°N 4.4056°W / 54.2133; -4.4056 (Ballabeg Station) SC4315382423
Baldrine 54°12′08″N 4°24′44″W / 54.2022°N 4.4123°W / 54.2022; -4.4123 (Baldrine Station) SC4267181199
Groudle Glen 54°10′41″N 4°25′49″W / 54.1780°N 4.4304°W / 54.1780; -4.4304 (Groudle Glen Station) SC4139978548 for Groudle Glen Railway
#Derby Castle terminus, Douglas 54°10′01″N 4°27′39″W / 54.1669°N 4.4608°W / 54.1669; -4.4608 (Derby Castle Station) SC3937077387 for Douglas, Douglas Bay Horse Tramway

# Major station with booking office and other facilities

Other stopping placesEdit

Winter Saloon No. 20 (1899) at Ramsey Plaza Station in the austerity livery in June 2005

In addition to official stations which appear on the timetables, there are also a number of unofficial stopping points and request stops, more recently denoted by the addition of "bus stop" style signs during the late 1990s; prior to this the halts were not demarcated on the line. These can be found along the line at such locations as the former holiday camp at Howstrake, the Liverpool Arms (Halfway House, now known as Balladromma Beg) and Ballure Road. This is not an exhaustive list of every stopping point on the line, however. Trams may stop at virtually any point on the line[citation needed] and double track operation ensures that collisions are avoided. There are crossing points along the line, primarily at the timetabled stopping points, though many are now disused.


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