Beatrice of Navarre, Countess of La Marche

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Beatrice of Navarre (1392-1412/1415) was a daughter of Charles III of Navarre and his wife, Eleanor of Castile.

Beatrice of Navarre
Countess of La Marche
SpouseJames II, Count of La Marche
IssueIsabelle of Bourbon-La Marche
Marie of Bourbon-La Marche
Eleanor, Countess of Pardiac
FatherCharles III of Navarre
MotherEleanor of Castile


She was a member of the House of Évreux. Her surviving siblings were Blanche I of Navarre, wife of John II of Aragon, and Isabella of Navarre, wife of John IV of Armagnac.

In 1406 in Pamplona, Beatrice married James II, Count of La Marche, son of John I, Count of La Marche, and Catherine of Vendôme. The couple had three children:

It is not certain when Beatrice died. She died between 1412 and 1415, possibly while giving birth to her daughter Eleanor in 1412.[citation needed]