Beatrice of France

Beatrice of France or Beatrice of Paris (c. 938 - 23 September 1003) was duchess consort of Upper Lorraine by marriage to Frederick I, Duke of Upper Lorraine, and regent of Upper Lorraine in 978-980 during the minority of her son Thierry I.

Beatrice of France in the Chronica regia Coloniensis


Beatrice was a daughter of Hugh the Great and Hedwig of Saxony,[1] making her sister of Hugh Capet and niece of Otto I.

In 954, she married Frederick I, Duke of Upper Lorraine.

After her husband's death in 978 she acted as regent to her son Thierry during his minority, officially until 978, but effectively until 980.[1][2]

She travelled to Otto II's court in Verona in 983.



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