Radbot of Klettgau

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Radbot, Count of Klettgau (c. 985 – 1045), also known as Radbot of Klettgau, was Graf (Count) of the county of Klettgau on the High Rhine in Swabia. Radbot was one of the progenitors of the Habsburg dynasty, and he chose to name his fortress Habsburg.

Count of Klettgau, Thurgau, Onertau and Altemburg
Radbot of Habsburg.jpg
Bornc. 985
Noble familyHouse of Habsburg
FatherLanzelin of Klettgau

Radbot was probably the second son of Lanzelin of Klettgau (son of Guntram, Count in Breisgau) and the younger brother of Bishop Werner I of Strasbourg. In 1010, he married Ida (before 979–1035), daughter of Duke Frederick I of Upper Lorraine and Beatrice of France. Their son was named Werner I, Count of Habsburg.

Radbot built Habsburg Castle, and in 1027 established Muri Abbey, built up by Benedictine monks descending from Einsiedeln Abbey.


Radbot of Klettgau
Born: 985 Died: 1045
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Count of Klettgau
991 – 1045
Succeeded by
Werner I

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