Be like Bill

"Be like Bill" is a social media meme that was introduced around late 2015, with its popularity greatly increasing in early 2016.[1]

A stick figure next to the text "This is Bill. Bill wakes up to see that it is snowing. Bill doesn't post to Facebook about this because he knows that his friends also have windows. Bill is smart. Be like Bill."
An example of the meme.


The "be like Bill" meme typically features an image of a simple stick figure, who may be wearing a knitted hat, together with text such as "Bill is on Facebook. Bill is a vegan. Bill doesn't tell everybody about it. Bill is smart. Be like Bill."[1][2][3] The meme has been described as "a way for people to passive-aggressively call out social media behaviours that annoy them."[4] The meme also attracted a large number of detractors who criticized the meme's tone and lack of self-awareness.[5] Boston officials used the meme to discourage the use of space savers in parking spots.[6][7]

The meme has spawned foreign language variants with other characters, including Bilal (Arabic), Rashid (Malaysian), Jose (Spanish),[2] Petya (Russian), Qodos (Dari/Pashto),[8] and Juan (Tagalog).[9] There also exists a female variant with a character named Emily.[2]


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