Bazaar of Borujerd

A view of the Bazaar of Borujerd

Great Bazaar of Borujerd is located in the centre of the city and consists of many Rasteh Bazaars and Caravanserais. A Rasteh Bazaar is a lane with covered roof usually with shops and workshops of a particular profession. Some of the important Rasteh Bazaars of Borujerd are:

  • Rassa or shoe makers and shoe shops bazaar which is the largest Rasteh
  • Bazaare Mesgarha for coppersmiths
  • Bazaare Chelengarha for blacksmiths
  • Bazaare Ghofl Sazha for locksmiths
  • Bazaare Kaftar Forushha for birds and pigeons
  • Bazaare Yahoodiha or Jews Bazaar

Caravansaries have been used for trading as well as accommodation of business people. Today, caravansaries of Borujerd are important centre of wholesale or regional, national or international trading of Persian rug and other handicrafts.

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