Ganeshguri is a locality in Guwahati, Assam,[1] is named after lord Ganesh. There was a Heramba kingdom.[2] Another inscription mentions a ruler named Dununtrarāi, Lord of Hedamba donated a tank in Pragjyotishpura in the year 1577 A.D.[3]

Ganeshguri fly over

There is also a Ganesh Temple located in its southern part.

Ganesh temple

Situated in capital complex of Guwahati city, it is a major commercial area within the city. Assam State Secretariat Buildings are located here. Ganeshguri is one of the major commercial areas of Guwahati city. Market consists mainly of various segments such as garments, crockeries, home decor, music stores, medical stores, sweet stores, groceries, automobile showroom etc. Various restaurants have been opened up in the area serving various cuisines. Fast food chains like Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald's have opened up. Ethnic restaurants like Janming and Gam's Delicacy have made the area a popular place for outings. Several important establishments such as Guwahati Tea Auction Centre, Ambarish Hotel etc. are located here.[4]

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