Battle of Dhi Qar

The Battle of Dhi Qar (Arabic: يوم ذي قار), also known as the War of the Camel's Udder,[3] was a pre-Islamic battle fought between Arab tribes and the Sassanid Empire in Southern Iraq. The battle occurred after the death of Al-Nu'man III by the orders of Khosru II.[4]

Battle of Dhi Qar
معركة ذي قار
Result Arab victory[1]
Derafsh Kaviani flag of the late Sassanid Empire.svg
Sassanid Persia
Pro-Sasanian Arabs
Commanders and leaders
Iyas ibn Qabisah al-Ta'i
Hamrez al-Tasatturi
Al-Nu'man bin Zara'a
Khalid bin Yazid al-Buhrani
Hani' bin Qubaisah
Hantala bin Tha'laba al-Ajli
Abd Amr bin Bashar al-Dhubai'y
Jabala bin Ba'ith al-Yashkury
Al-Harith bin Wa'la al-Thahli
Al-Harith bin Rabi'a al-Taimi
2,000 Persian soldiers, with 3,000 Arabs[2] Unknown
Casualties and losses

The dating of the event is disputed. The Encyclopedia Iranica entry on the subject says:

"According to certain Muslim traditions, the battle took place in the year 1/623 or 2/624... Ebn Ḥabīb... dated it earlier, between 606 and 622, but modern scholars have narrowed this range to 604-11"[2]

The battle of Dhū-Qār is reported in many classical works of Arabic history and literature. The longest, but not necessarily most representative, version is Bishr ibn Marwān al-Asadī's Ḥarb Banī Shaybān maʻa Kisrá Ānūshirwān (Arabic: حرب بني شيبان مع كسرى آنوشروان).[5]


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