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Murfatlar (Romanian pronunciation: [murfatˈlar]) is a town in Constanța County, Northern Dobruja, Romania. It officially became a town in 1989, as a result of the Romanian rural systematization program.

Coat of arms of Murfatlar
Location in Constanța County
Location in Constanța County
Murfatlar is located in Romania
Location in Romania
Coordinates: 44°10′25″N 28°24′30″E / 44.17361°N 28.40833°E / 44.17361; 28.40833Coordinates: 44°10′25″N 28°24′30″E / 44.17361°N 28.40833°E / 44.17361; 28.40833
 • Mayor (2020–2024) Gheorghe Cojocaru[1] (PNL)
69.25 km2 (26.74 sq mi)
 • Density150/km2 (380/sq mi)
Time zoneEET/EEST (UTC+2/+3)
Vehicle reg.CT


The name of the town originates from the Turkish word of Arabic origin murvet (meaning "generous man").[3]

Between 1921 and 1965, and from 1975 to 2007, the locality was known as Basarabi. On June 26, 2007 the lower house of Romania's Parliament, the Chamber of Deputies, approved a proposal to have the name changed back to Murfatlar,[4] which was also ratified by the Senate and promulgated by the president of Romania on December 20, 2007.[5]


Murfatlar is a port on the Danube–Black Sea Canal and has a population of 11,070. A complex of caves was found carved in the hills nearby, see the Basarabi Cave Complex.

The village of Siminoc (historical name: Turc-Murfat) is administered by the town of Murfatlar. The name of the village comes from the flower Helichrysum arenarium (siminoc in Romanian), which can be found abundantly in the area.[6]

The Murfatlar Vineyard and Basarabi Cave Complex are located nearby.


Historical population
1992 10,742—    
2002 10,857+1.1%
2011 9,634−11.3%
Source: Census data

At the 2011 census, Murfatlar had 8,657 Romanians (89.86%), 547 Tatars (5.68%), 236 Roma (2.45%), 134 Turks (1.39%), 9 Hungarians (0.09%), 3 Aromanians (0.03%), 16 others (0.17%), 32 with undeclared ethnicity (0.33%).


Murfatlar is the birthplace of the 4th Romanian president, Traian Băsescu.

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